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  1. Wow someone found some balls his visa just been cancelled.👍. Now i imagine he will appeal. Just send him off to tulla and on his way.
  2. Can wait for this one :) Australia always seems to be last in line for everything, not good 😡 Always enjoyed the James Bond movies and Daniel Craig brought life back into the franchise. Be interesting to see who replaces him. Heard rumours but nothing finalised yet, fingers crossed they get it right.
  3. Lock down here so it will be a nice cigar 🙂 , a few drinks then tv time 😳. Not much of tv guy but things are limited
  4. Stanton and Killeen is a great drop. When I get the chance I sit back with a Seppelt GR113 rare muscst. Its always a great pairing to any cigar just hard finding it these days. Ken once again great read well done 👍
  5. SIGLO VI for my palate the best cigar on the market. If i had the coin it would be my go to cigar without hesitation.
  6. Without a doubt the P1 jar is brilliant All I can say is more please :) take my money
  7. Found this mob might be worth a call.. Never used them though see how you go !
  8. 2008 Cohiba Siglo VI by far the best and most enjoyable cigar I have ever smoked
  9. Even though the bank balance isn't the best these days looking forward to seeing some pretty good eye candy though
  10. This is SO F^%KED. This isn't the lucky country anymore. just F#*KING pathetic :(…. Suxs to be us.

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