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  1. I had a Austin Metro, first car, key was to drive it super aggressive, used to slide a treat once you got it going! Ahh the memories
  2. love my old cannondale, snapped the year triangle years ago and had it all welded back up and gusseted, still with me 😉
  3. Its nice to be laid back about cigar world, a lot nicer then the other crazy person option.
  4. The D4, iv had boxes of them, Aged and aged again, tried many times through the years. They suck lol. Shorts are lovely though 😉
  5. im well into my 18 stash now, no issues so far.
  6. N1 is the one for me, lovely long cigar, feels great, tastes better. Having to stop myself reaching for them. The N3s im giving more time, the camel house hasn't gone yet.
  7. Delilah and Dot, Cavs, they take turns coming for a smoke with me, if they see a cigar in my hand there is a que for a space on my lap instantly.

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