Cigar confessions....

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Don't be shy, we are your Tyler Durden....

I once threw up after smoking a fuente opus X...... Because it was just too damn strong....

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I have so many embarrassing stories...

A random guy once recommended a Tatuaje, and when he asked how it was, I told him frankly that it was the worst cigar I've ever had. The guy's name was Pete Johnson.

Carlito's godfather gave me a couple of very special Opus. I put it in my back pocket. Then I sat down.

I threw up after Litto gave me one of his first LG lancero...actually looking back, there's been a lot of throwing up from cigars when I was trying out NCs. It's not the secret to this svelte body, I swear.

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first time I bought a box of cigars I just kept them in the house with no humidification and wondered why they kept getting worse and worse.

X2 - my first purchase was a box of Macanudo Portofino tubos and I had no idea they were supposed to be humidified

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Before I had my "p's" and "q's" together in Cigardom, I once bought and sampled a Tampa Nugget, courtesy of the grocery store. I remember surmising..."Hmmm thinking.gif So this is what tepid, old, used dishwater, liquefied metal, and school locker gym socks taste like..."

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