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  1. I`ve been away from FoH for a while and haven`t had time to smoke many cigars until recently. Happy to be back though! After I took this pic of my latest haul, it took me 20 minutes to lego these boxes in my tupperdor and be able to close the lid. Looks like its time to order that Whytner 251S I`ve been eyeing.
  2. As others have said, I love the idea but for me, the price makes it difficult to justify. If I had a walk-in humidor in my house, this would be a no brainer (assuming it could handle the entire space).
  3. Here are a couple recent watch acquisitions of mine: The first one is an Omega Seamaster 2254.50. This is probably my favorite watch I own. The second one is an IWC Mark XVIII. I just purchased this one after the new year and it is getting more wrist time than my 2254.50 and my 2531.80 (another Omega Seamaster).
  4. I`ve been smoking through a 5er of PLPCs from 2011 and another 5er from TOS FEB 16. The ones from 2011 are much smoother and have more of that caramel profile that many associate with PLPCs. The ones from TOS FEB 2016 have some strength to them with hints of caramel and cream coming through as well. I prefer the younger ones and look forward to sampling one from the cab of PLPCs (TOS FEB 17) that are on the way from a recent 24:24 sale.
  5. A couple boxes of Monte No.5s from some recent 24:24 sales.
  6. I will probably have a HUPC or Monte PE with coffee in the morning and a Ramon Allones Club Allones or a CORO after dinner.
  7. Waiting for me when I arrived home from work... COROs from a recent 24:24 sale Picked up a couple bottles of Balcones as well Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. The JL #2s on 24:24 right now would be a good pick up. Last night I smoked a 2017 JL #2 I got from a previous 24:24 sale and I couldn`t agree more with Rob`s assessment of it being the best regular production cigar of 2017. @rxavier1979 this too.. They are one of my favorite cigars right now and I need to grab a box or 2 when they come up on 24:24.
  9. I have a Xikar Executive lighter that I`ve been using for past 6 years and a cheap $10 triple torch lighter from the local B&M. I use the Xikar most of the time but whenever I`m on the golf course or it`s windy outside, the triple torch is my go to.
  10. I`ve really enjoyed Monte PEs (SUM NOV 16) and HUPCs (TOS ENE 17) right OTB as of lately.
  11. I sort of hijacked this thread a bit by saying I was in the same boat as Kferguson (sorry about that ) but I decided to buy 2 x 3 packs of the Cohiba Esplendidos that are on 24:24 right now as I don`t have many churchills and I will probably move forward with a cab of PLPCs the next time they are on 24:24. Smoked a TOS FEB 16 PLPC the other night that was really good. I would go with a box of BBFs but I bought a box a couple months ago... Too many cigars and not enough space/$$$...
  12. When I saw the title of this post, I thought the same thing... "I must have some Fuente Sharks with 8-10 years on them now." ha

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