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  1. So sorry for your loss. Cigars always bring out the best memories and deepest thoughts and there's no better way to celebrate your father and hope that every good smoke affords a moment to remember.
  2. The photos are interesting but that comment section is quite the read....
  3. Sidebar: Oh I never get tired of looking at pics like this, thanks for posting these
  4. If you wanted to make a phone call, you had to go home to do it.... or to a friends house.... or to work.... or to a street corner. if you wanted the news you needed to buy a paper. if you wanted to watch a tv show you needed to be home when it was being broadcast otherwise you would never get to see what happened.... yeah, I'm not old and bitter at all
  5. my hero living in NYC has been a struggle to smoke outdoors- the look of disgust from the person who sees me without my mask on, then watching their face morph into another level of disgust when i raise the cigar to my lips. i ❤️ NY
  6. I agree with you guys looking for extend a THANK YOU to all members who are law enforcement, fire department, doctors, nurses, EMT, or anyone else who may find their life on the line for their fellow men/women/children: THANK YOU
  7. i'm around art all day long yet that image is more satisfying than 60% of what i see regularly...
  8. you must see Breaking Bad. quite the ride, moments of sheer terror and twists that will have you yelling aloud at the screen. do it now! interesting take on Sopranos. i agree - nothing can be quite perfect. that show did something (at the time) that no other show did - it made you sit in that world and get to know the players. i believe it was either season three or four where entire episodes would go by and nothing would really happen. at the time it was frustrating but looking back now i realize that what David Chase and his team were doing was settling you into the world which made you love/hate the characters at the same time - much like a real relationship. the ending was initially traumatic and frustrating because everyone (spoiler?) thought that their cable service was disconnected. it was at that point that the internet began its reign of terror with many people speculating what would happen and everyone assumed it would end in a nice little package (which practically all shows did back in those days). with time people began to realize that they were genuinely mourning. at least, that's how it affected me. with that i come to GOT and i appreciate your posting your thoughts about it because since the quarantine began in NYC i've been rewatching a number of shows and GOT's final season was one of them. sadly, it didn't get better for me. there is just such a clear disconnect between the episodes based on the book narrative and then the episodes told by the show runners. it almost feels like a work of art hanging on a wall, not quite finished and you are excited to see what happens next but then the artist handed the brush to his apprentice and just left them to finish. so much more could have been done but it was pieces together quickly and forced towards its ending- as if everyone had a plane to catch. imagine if Sopranos did that - every italian in america would still be spitting on the floor at the very mention of it.
  9. the internet is partially to blame for the disappointment. so many set "leaks" that were false, speculative discussions where fans created stories better and more satisfying. by the time the episodes aired we who read all of that stuff were exhausted and ultimately disappointed because it never reached that fever pitch we had hoped for. When Sopranos' final episode was about to air there was plenty of speculation online but they absolutely nailed that finale. same with breaking bad. but GOT had no chance to satisfy those who obsessed with the ending before it actually happened. probably why so many people who were late to the feeding frenzy still walked away satiated. sometimes the internet ruins it for everybody.
  10. of course it's my first attempt at a post in years and i botch attaching video.... mine has forever been the Ronson Touch Tip Lighter that Sam Spade uses in The Maltese Falcon
  11. FOH blind tasting cigar number 4 for starters then absolutely a double corona, happy 4th!
  12. Rey Del Mundo Anniversario..... maybe now..... maybe Now.... maaayyybbeeeeee NOW..... maybe

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