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  1. +1 for the olde Cuban, and I would personally just purchase from them, I don't really see it as a place to byo
  2. Just managed to escape work, on the way to the airport now. See you soon everyone!
  3. I tend to buy more than I can smoke. I guess the idea that I can potentially sell them down the line gives me comfort that I don't need to rein in my spending.
  4. I suspect as others have said, taxes in Aus will have gone up significantly (plus AUD crashing and HSA raising prices). If the prices are as high as I'm expecting, I'll probably sit back and chill with my current stash....and ***** on the internet
  5. Thanks to Trevor and Therese for hosting a great afternoon and your generosity. And a pleasure to catch up with old faces and meet some new ones!
  6. Great dinner guys. Thanks for fuzz and kam for organising, was a top notch venue. Definitely keen to do some more meetups there (kam knew the owner and sorted out our own indoor smoking area)
  7. That was only briefly as the prices are automatically set by their algorithm, they actually kept paying the drivers at the $100+ rates but Uber is footing the bill
  8. I suspect there's a lot going on the background, they're just not allowed to report just yet for safety reasons.
  9. Cheers. Got given the all clear about 30 mins ago. Anyone else still around, stay safe!
  10. My office is two doors down, we're on lock down right now. Very few details at the moment just mostly hearsay
  11. I have the z-plus, I find the quality to be average but it's cheap. They seem to run out of gas pretty quickly too. I think I'm going to swap over to the iroda
  12. Quai D'Orsay Panetelas 33 x 77" Smoking time: 1 hour, 40 minutes Thank you to Trevor, who generously gifted me this single sometime last year. I'm not one who can verbalise the flavours in a cigar, but I enjoyed this cigar immensely so I thought I'd briefly share. Most of the reviews I read of Quai D'Orsay cigars suggest that the marca is light - I find the exact opposite, these things have legs! I love this size, I find that while the ring gauge makes it not too overwhelming, there is still plenty of flavour to be had. Perhaps it's because I'm smoking it at 9am on an empty stomach. The length of the cigar affords an extended smoking time. It's almost like getting stuck in that sweet spot of flavour and stretching it out over an hour and a half. I guess I could compare it to adding some water to your whiskey, having less can help you enjoy it that much more and savour something special. It's been raining non stop in Sydney for the past few weeks, so this is the first chance I've had to lie back in the sun and enjoy. Having the great weather, a pot of coffee and some relaxing music all adds to the experience. It could just be that it feels like all the planets are aligned right now, but this cigar does feel special. The fact that it is the only one I have probably puts it up on a pedestal for me. If anyone's got a source for these, or anything in a similar size, I'd love to get a few more. Thanks again to Trevor for the opportunity to try this. -Will
  13. I've been wanting to try the Sports Largos, but quite hard to find outside of Europe. Anyone have much experience with these?
  14. Good to meet you mate, it was a great night with like-minded brethren... Even if fuzz is a bad influence!
  15. Great thread mate, will keep an eye on this as a fellow lover of smaller RG smokes

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