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  1. Organic products....will vary between and within boxes.
  2. It was fast and furious for a lot of years of researching, ordering, buying boxes to “try it out” then buying multiple boxes if you liked it, elation when the boxes reached the front door, playing tetris, backing up and taking in the view of the collection. Then 4 years ago I looked at all these boxes and thought, when am I ever going to smoke these? So, I stopped buying and just started smoking. That’s when smoking became more of a treat rather than a journey. I suppose you have to go through that whole journey of buying multiple boxes to get the obsession out of your system.
  3. My rotation rationale: What do I feel like smoking? Like many here, I have many different marcas and many different cigars in the marcas. A lot of what I choose to smoke is influenced by how much time I have. If time is not an issue I’ll gravitate towards Upmann #2, RASS, JL#2. Many have been neglected which one can translate to aging. I’ve another wine fridge that I strictly age which I never touch. Those are the Winstons, BCG, Parti Lusis as well as my fave longer smokes. They’re generally born on dates of greater than a decade. Those are definitely not in the rotation. One day they will be though.
  4. PIggybacking on Ray's (Pigfish) now infamous snake collector high school mate, have you ever gone to school with someone who became famous/infamous? In high school- a girl I knew became a somewhat well known porn actress? Forgot her name. I was shocked. My daughter goes to school with Kendrick Lamar's sister (OK that's a stretch). He attended her graduation just recently.
  5. Can u imagine if your neighbor knocked on your door and asked, "Umm, can I look in your backyard? I think I lost my white monocled cobra ."
  6. Worked out, drinking protein shake and enjoying an HDM DD Pos Feb 08. Beautiful Sunday morning.
  7. Bought 6 bottles of Yamazaki 12 a little over a year ago and am down to three. I really enjoy the sweeter, full flavored and delicate tastes of Japanese whisky when I'm not in the mood for the robust qualities of Scotch I own
  8. Drank this for the first time NYE. Never heard anythig about it but everyone there spoke of how good it was as though it was common knowledge. Now I know I live under a rock. It is good vodka.
  9. The chink in the armor is now a gaping hole. Usually happens that way. She made a cool $3 million for this beatdown. Shes a true champion. Im sure this really hurts her. Maybe she should switch up coaches.
  10. Home, single malt scotch, japanese whisky, buffalo wings, watching the family sing karaoke, bed by 12:05 am
  11. Just watched the Netflix documentary "Sour Grapes" about the wine con man Rudy Kurniawan. Interesting stuff.
  12. Regular Thanksgiving tradition of cooking in the morning. Okay Im not cooking but thank God I have a wife and three daughters who love to. I just get to smoke my cigar and hear them have fun.
  13. Seriously. A plan with action items. Why are u doing it and how? i.e. Being more affectionate to the wife? Spending less (on whatever)? Being more connected to parents, kids, friends? For me...losing weight. I'm tired of being the fatty in the family pictures. I started in April. Working out five days a week. Five days of cardio mixed in with 4 days of weight lifting. Recently started swimming 30 minutes for cardio. Wow! When i started swimming, the weight started coming off more and getting me off that plateau. Eating more lean meat, red meat once every two weeks. Alcohol consumptiion once every two weeks. Using the app MyFitnessPal to track my macros. Eating a lot more protein. Drinking lots of water. Getting more sleep. Results: Dropped my cholesterol from 270 to 130. Lost 20 pounds so far and replaced it with muscle. I'm changing my lifestyle and my mindset, Im not on a diet or exercise regimen to lose weight. Changing my mindset will hopefully prefent me from being a fatty again 2-3 or 10 years down the road. I'm doing this so i can walk my three daughters down the aisle and be there for my son's wedding. Why this post? Because gentlemen and ladies, we have one shot on this earth, so why not be the best version of ourselves going forward.

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