....sweet sweet cream.

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One of my favourite profiles in a great cigar is sweet cream, milk and sugar, mothers milk. When you hit a cigar with this profile it is like hitting a seam of diamonds. The Des Dieux Ken and I reviewed had this profile. LGC Tainos have this profile and the Juan Lopez Seleccion no 1 yesterday played the profile out in spades.

Any cigars you have had recently hit this sweat cream note?

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Having saw your review on the Des Dieux I picked one up from my local LCDH, it was aged (99) and OH MY, easily the best cigar i've had this year, maybe even ever! Mind you i've only been smoking cigars for a year or so. Still, an awesome cigar! Sweet cream for sure. Who needs the BHK's when you've got these?!!

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Ditto on the Juan Lopez S1. Also had it in AVO Xo´s. Sweet cream in cigars is sweeeeeet!!

Now I really gotta get me a box of either the Tainos or the Des Dieux. I´ll probably end up with both in the long run... :party:

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JL #1 is one of my fave CG's. It's been about a month since my last. Definitely a sweetness about it that is pleasurable all the time. Des Dieux is actually on my shopping list. Agree 100 percent in your preferred flavour profile (milk and sugar) as I look for it as well.

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I myself have always looked for that exact profile, I do, of course,

love that animal, barnyard, expresso, dark chocolate tastes that are

cigars from RA, Partagas, RyJ and so many others , but my normal everyday smokes

tend to lean towards that creamy , honey, café creme, nutty kind of cigars

that , for me, are what I call a no brainer, cigars that I don't have to sit down and ponder

on life's meaning, just a cigar that brings me comfort and well being and just n nuff

complexe flavours to make me want to light up another.

Some of these are cigars such as,

SLR ,Series A: even aside the fact that they have changed the blend to a much richer profile,

I still find some signs of creamy aftertastes.

PL, Monte-Carlo: A slim Panatella that I find, has stayed the most faithful to it's blend and still

lots of cream and nuttyness.

JL, Selecion No. 1, Of course, no comments, it speaks for itself on that note but it has also changed

to a richer profile as the SLR, Series A .

There are others but these are my first loves on that sweet creamy note. :D

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I cant remember who to attribute it to, or which cigar it was.... but I distinctly remember a review where one of the guys found hints of "breast milk" in his cigar.

I have my suspicions....

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I have a box of 07 Hoyo DC and they are loaded with sweet cream.

I must agree. The HDM DC is amazing!


The HDM Epicure Especial has a really nice creamy, warmed milk, nutty profile that I also enjoy.

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Gawsh, those JL1 are horrible! :D No Cream, just disgusting burnt tobacco (Dammit, stop the hooplah while I am trying to stock up on them already!)

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JL 1 is an all-time favorite. I went through about 6 boxes of the 08s last year. I like a bit of cinnamon and cocoa in my cream... So I keep a lot of Trinidad Coloniales in my heavy rotation as well. I think the Hoyo marca is overall the 'Cream Champion' though...

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I agree with everything guy said. I also feel that almost all cubans can bring that sweet rich flavor to the table. I have looked for it like Indiana jones. I've raised and lowered my humidity and temperature every which way I could to achieve this little leprecon. Every now and then (maybe 1 in 20) I will light one up and BAM there it is! I don't even have to taste it I can smell it instantly my torch hits the foot and I know.

I think it's this taste note that has me jumping the fence away from my usual smokes looking for more. I have realized that under my conditions I don't find it often but I have noticed it more often in sticks that I have let sit for 6 months or more and I sometimes get lucky and get a good box with more than a few of these in it.

:angry: This flavor that our good host has shared with us reminds me of that good one night stand when you were 20, She was hot and had all the right moves and did things that your future wife never even thought of. Then you call her up the next weekend hungry for more and when you pick her up things are ugly. Her ex boyfriend is there fighting with her on the front lawn, she runs to your car with a baby on each hip and your thinking "what the hell?" and take off realizing later that to think you could have that bliss on tap was an unrealistic fantasy and should just enjoy it when it comes around.

I my gentlemen am trying to stay home with my "under the radar"honest consistent sticks that are never going to please me as much as that elusive one time hottie but will always give me what I know I will get every time, a good cigar.

I do still dream of her often when I light up though :lol:


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I get sweet cream from aged Upmann Coronas, I've tried a couple recently from '99. Sweet milky tea is a bit closer to how I'd decribe them.

I also got something similar from a PCC commemrorative Churchill I smoked a while ago courtesy of a very generous member of another forum.

My wife described the flavour as "Earl Grey ice cream".

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