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  1. I didn't vote for #3 but I sure would like to sample one.
  2. Let's give one to Ken and tell him it's a "pocket urinal".
  3. Without doubt, a 2010 Por Larranaga UK Regional Regalias de Londres. Sweet caramel creme, with just a touch of lemon zest.
  4. The Lockheed Super Constellation was one of the last 4 piston-engine passenger aircraft, and surely the most elegant. In the mid-fifties, my mother and I flew in a "Connie" from Florida to National Airport in Washington D.C. to meet my father who had just returned from U.S.M.C. deployment in Okinawa, Japan. What a memory!
  5. I finished my cab of '03 Des Dieux earlier than my '03 cab of Punch Super Selection No. 1. Unfortunately, I have been forced to open the first of three '08 Des Dieux SLB's. These have aged even worse than the '03s. The only way to describe them is: "a bonfire of exotic woods". Only Ken would find these memorable.
  6. Without question, the 2007 Robustos Por Larranaga Regional Edition Asia Pacific. Heaven on Earth.
  7. Yes, I would have given the JL2 a "Love them". I am currently enjoying a recently opened 2008 box. Yep, that's 2008 JL2. Rich with flavor, still medium bodied with loads of spice. Tastes like cocoa dusted orange marmalade.
  8. Good, honest review. I fully agree, aged Royal Robustos never fail.
  9. A Partagas Lusitania from a 2008 50 cab. Incredibly rich, strong, spicy and deeply flavored. One of the best smokes ever.
  10. Someone needs to keep a leash on that free-range cock of yours.
  11. Can't anyone keep a secret? I've always found these cigars to be perfectly awful. Especially when aged.
  12. An ashtray? It looks more like a pot or crack pipe to me. I'll bet that you cut off the tip for a mouthpiece.
  13. I would go for an LCDH ongoing release of Dips in the same size and 10-box as the H.U. Royal Robustos. Oh, and make 'em full-flavored. They'll sell.
  14. I have smoked through 3 boxes of 2011 Connie 1's. These are the best C1's I have ever had. They are at their peak, or just a tad past. To my palate, they are unmistakably Upmann. Yes, a bit different from other Upmanns but certainly in the family. A truly great cigar!
  15. Just curious - have you gone full blown double blind on this? Age half a box vac sealed 7 years/half a box exposed 7 years? As a matter of fact, yes. I have done this many times. I have placed half of a new box in a sealed baggie for aging, while smoking the rest. In every case, after finishing those cigars that were aged for several or more years without being sealed, then opening the baggie, those aged in the baggie were superior in terms of their physical integrity and even more so, in depth of flavor. No question whatsoever. Most recent example: Por Larranaga Robustos PCC. By the way, I learned of this method from discussions of Min Ron Nee.
  16. Thanks for the review. I just love these things. I'm halfway through a second of three cabs and have never been disappointed. Medium bodied, sweet cream and caramel.
  17. This is a terrible loss. Especially for those of us who honor the classic 898 vitola. I have found this delicacy to age particularly well, with a core that is reminiscent of the 898 Partagas, but enhanced with sweet herbal and floral essences. I'm now smoking from a box of 2008's, with another box awaiting its' moment of glory.
  18. These are two of my favorite cigars. I am smoking from 2014 and 2015 stock. I smoke more Royal Robustos, and find them to have a bit more flavor, body and spice than the A's. But the A's are a more refined and smoother smoke. And they're sweeter. It's a matter of mood. But you can't go wrong with either one. H. Upmann's at their best.
  19. Sacrificing chickens or virgins? Now this is a quandary. If you sacrifice a chicken, at least you can eat it. Now what's the point of sacrificing a virgin?
  20. Por Larranaga Regalias de Londres UK 2010 Ramon Allones Estupendos Asia Pacific 2006 Ramon Allones Celestiales Finos Asia Pacific 2009 Por Larranaga Lonsdales Germany 2006 Por Larranaga Encantos Asia Pacific 2010 Por Larranaga Robustos Asia Pacific 2007

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