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  1. No. I wish I was. But I have to confess that I'm really not Sylvester Stallone.
  2. I have never tried this Vegemite you speak of. But here's a leopard who tries it:
  3. While I agree with you in general, I've got to point out that there are far more islamist nutjobs willing to fight than few hundred. ISIS for example has 30 000+ fighters, Boko Haram 9000+ and Al Shabaab 5000+. My understanding is that those fighters would be willing and capable of doing that what happened in Paris today.
  4. I checked online prices from La Casa Prague and it was about as expensive as Germany.
  5. I made a baby. Well, my wife did. I assisted her. With my penis.
  6. I opened my -09 HQ-box last summer. Delicious!
  7. Only after this comment I really saw that Smithy was holding a baby! That reminds me of the other thing that happened. I bet the baby was as terrified as these hairy fellas.
  8. I have no idea what's happening with Smithy but here's 400 Aussies hiding their heads in sand:
  9. Ken, please turn yourself in. Edit: sorry bad link, thanks Oliver
  10. If there still were hakkapeliittas around, I'd say "please put your spear away". Wiki: " The Hakkapeliitta were well-trained Finnish light cavalrymen who excelled in sudden and savage attacks, raiding and reconnaissance. The greatest advantage of the fast and lightly armored Hakkapeliitta cavalry was its charge. They typically had a sword, a helmet, and leather armor or a breastplate of steel. They would attack at a full gallop, fire the first pistol at twenty paces and the second at five paces, and then draw the sword. The horse itself was used like another weapon, as it was used to trample enemy infantry."
  11. ^That's about the same thing we learn in school history. Although translation can be bit tricky for a phrase that is 400 years old I'd say it would be closer "Whack 'em!". If you wanted to translate the phrase in modern English. Anyway it's about charging (päälle) and hitting the enemy with sharp or blunt objects (hakkaa). Edit: It could also mean "Hit them on the head" or "Let's start whacking".
  12. It's written by finnish composer Lasse Mårtenson for a tv-serie almost 40 years ago. Since then the tv-serie is forgotten but the music still lives on. The tv-serie is based on books by Anni Blomquist and it's a story about a fisherman and his wife living on a remote island in Baltic Sea. Here's the original piece: And this is with lyrics: Finnish composer that has written piano? Jean Sibelius?
  13. It's a season we see here at north. It's coming. You know what else we see here? Rain. Can you see any rain coming there?
  14. It's very warm September here in Finland at the moment. But sure, we experience nasty winters all the time. But not quite yet!
  15. But this is your prime minister being punched to the face. I would feel good if I'd get to see our prime minister in his position.

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