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  1. He was one of the good guys, he was the best....I have known him since 2009 and we rented houses together on all of my trips to Cuba along with Kelly....we would smoke every time he was in NC whether it was Raleigh or chasing Hamlet down in Greensboro....I had some crazy times with him in Cuba, great times that are stuck in my head forever....I was planning on seeing his new house in FL this summer....I will miss you pal
  2. College visits with daughter, and so it begins.....
  3. I was fortunate enough to eat breakfast with him a couple of times when we both lived in the same neighborhood in Cali. He gave us kids a tour of his traveling bus as he didn't fly for work, one very cool dude.
  4. Oasis @ Knebworth Elvis @ Aloha from Hawaii The Killers @ Royal Albert Hall Tom Petty @ Gainesville Bee Gees @ One Night Only Dont judge.....😋
  5. Spoke to Hamlet tonight about this and he mentioned the quarantine, prices for food, money situation, curfew, etc…..He hasn’t been in a while and neither have I, unfortunately I don’t see it getting better for months Bart
  6. Looking for an XL or XXL if anyone has one to trade or offer. Very cool project I missed the boat on Thanks! Bart
  7. For shits and giggles, I vacum sealed a box of variety of cigars back in 2013 that sits in my humi to this day, I will be opening it very soon and see what the results will be. I will also let it sit for a bit to re-acclimate to its surroundings. Bart
  8. Niki was a legend, sad, very sad.....look how respected he was up and down the pit wall
  9. Smoked a 2014 OR the other day and it was very good and will have to smoke another soon for a review Bart
  10. I don’t care for the CF rolls, smoked many sizes, better options out there IMHO

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