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  1. Lost a family member to a widow maker last year. Get checked out. Don’t procrastinate if something doesn’t seam right. Colt’s story is a sad one. But if it helps just one person…
  2. First Vaca in quite a while. Lobster dish and Wagyu were tied for best of the tasting menu. One of the top meals I have had (and hadn’t cooked myself)…
  3. So sorry to hear. Light one up for Colt…
  4. I’ll be sitting out in the cold around a campfire, so maybe a CPE or a current Mag 50 (stunning).
  5. Well done Bijan! Funny that the psd4 was aged. I liked the cigar, but prefer fresh psd4. enjoyed the contest, thanks foh!
  6. It’s going to get colder so tonight’s the night for cigar 5. Cold draw is milk chocolate. Draw is tight…first third is tight. There’s a knot at the last third. This is going to be a short review. Struggling to get through the first third. I just put it down and grabbed a Medio Siglo to set things straight…oh well, it’s just part of the game.
  7. How did I miss that one? Lol. This was a great cigar…and psd4 has been my favorite current robusto. But, I had epi 2 guessed first, Coro second and psd4 third. Granted, I hope to blame my misreads on weeks of head colds (gotta blame it on something).
  8. Been fighting some cold/flu for days and going to attempt my first cigar…was going to just guess without smoking, but what fun would that be? Here goes…after a dose of mucinex. Cedar and barnyard on the nose. Easy draw, clean leather. Firm construction so hopefully she smokes well. Well rolled, very attractive and thin wrapper. Opens up strong, medium plus body. Tones back down.hard to nail the flavors, but am enjoying. Must be something I have smoked. If not, I need some.Ginger spice? Floral? Honey? Leather? Coffee?Second third showing a little grass. Grass continues through final third. Very good!
  9. Tough one. I was 50/50 but mentally leaning RJ. Mine tasted passable as more likely RJ than Boli, but interesting how close this example was between the two rather than definitive. I had a recent BBF and it screamed boli. Cigar 3 had me scratching my head. wonder If I should dry box cigar 4?
  10. Man, I’m going to the loony bin for this on eh?!?
  11. Ok, here we go. Nicely constructed belicoso with a slight box press. Draw is easy. First third is showing spice, wood, earth. Light sweetness. Medium bodied. The spice is on the finish. Second third is similar but stronger spice. Slowing down my draws now. Easy draw. I’m between two guesses. Unclear if the draw is muddling flavors. Final third and things are consistent in terms of flavor. Guess incoming!
  12. Not calling it in…a friend already posted photos. Gonna let him take the heat! I saw it driving home. A line of bright light broken dashes in the sky. (Insert twilight zone music here)
  13. Saw some super strange lights in the sky the other night…uh oh.
  14. Thanks for the great review. I had my last one years ago, which was memorable, and have been trying to nab a box without success. Jealous of that heater!
  15. D4 easy first* Epi2 easy second* RASS third *have to slow down on the D4 and Epi2 consumption
  16. Cigar 2 opens medium plus and the draw is perfect. Very good construction. It is sweet with dry cocoa. A little cream. Picks up body in the middle, them smooths out for the final third. Consistent flavor to the end.
  17. My mystery cigar #1 is a little tight, but opened up enough upon first light. First third is interesting. I don’t think this is a cigar I have smoked much of, if at all, before. Getting wood, leather, burnt marshmallows, cream, baking/floral spice, anisette and a hint of candied orange. It’s overall medium bodied and smooth. No rough edges. Second third amps up the wood and cigar is now over medium. More one dimensional. Last third it stays medium plus. Licorice, anisette, wood with a touch of cream.
  18. Received this sampler yesterday…a few months rest and I will report back. Thanks FOH!
  19. Recent PSD4…from start to nub, magnificent. I gotta check the code…just beat recent Epi2 (although those are great too).

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