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  1. Hey Rob... I can take the 9p NY slot on Wednesday if still available... I will happily block my calendar for the 15 minutes it will take before I get knocked out.
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    Just a place to post my pics
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  4. After receiving my Behike samplers from Czar...
  5. Stay strong Guy... my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  6. Welcome Jason... glad to see another SoCal local on the site. I'm in the Southbay (Torrance), so hit me up via PM if you are ever heading down this way and want to kill some time. If my schedule works out, happy to get together for a smoke. And no worries about where to go. My home office/lounge is always smoke friendly.
  7. Glad you liked it... good review and very similar to my experiences with the cigar. I definitely get that tanginess and find it a nice addition to an already fantastic cigar. Unusual, yes. But that's what lends it to being so good.
  8. I cooked up one of these last year for father's day... holy @#[email protected]# it was good. See here for more:
  9. Congrats JDouglas... tough match today and a well deserved win. One note Prez - didn't see my name on the Final Table Points list. I'm planning on brushing up on my poker skills for the November game, so just want to make sure I have a chance. Thanks.
  10. I might suggest pushing a bit to see where he purchased these. Not definitive, but can easily spot likely fakes if he got these "from a friend..." Also, does he have the boxes? He shows a full box (or more) of the Behikes, so I would expect he has the box. That is unless they came in a bundle... gotta watch out for those bundles
  11. Thanks Trevor... it was a good game... nearly 1 hr 40 minutes. Honestly, I had planned for about 20 minutes, but glad to have held out until the end.
  12. Fantastic. Finally tracked down some Prime bone-in ribeye... 4 steaks, 8 pounds. Followed the steps above (although shortened to 36 hours due to scheduling issues). Wow, what a difference. I've always grilled a good steak, but this thing was off the charts. I owe you one Brazos.
  13. Very cool Plato. Totally agreed on the appropriate timing for a cigar such as this. Weekend mornings are perfect... assuming the kids aren't bothering me.
  14. Awesome... my goal this time will be to last for at least 20 minutes. Not likely, but a guy can always dream. Please sign me up for Monday night Eastern. Thanks.
  15. Glad to see level heads prevailed and chose tdlfoto as the winner... while there were no ladies in the pictures, these photos captured the essence of the habanos culture. Well done.
  16. Fantastic post... and I agree with you 100% on all points. In fact, I just had quite possibly the best steak of my life at LGs Prime Steakhouse in Palm Springs CA. I've had their bone-in ribeye many time and they've always been fantastic. But for some reason, the one I had last weekend was like biting into a slice of heaven. No good way to explain it. It was just the best on all accounts. So good that I had to take a picture... Enjoy.
  17. Funny, that's exactly what I was thinking. But before I could get a plan together, it crumbled. At least I got the picture.
  18. I decided to smoke a Behike 54 (first one, and it was quite good) while laying back in my recliner. 30 minutes in I realized I hadn't ashed yet. What the heck, let's see where we can go with this. And with that, I have my best ash ever... figured I'd set is against a backdrop of goodies from the humidor. If only I had thought this out before hand, I would have made it a lot nicer. Also, nothing like a beer drinking dog to bring happiness to your day...
  19. You gotta watch out for those shifty Australians... always substituting these cigars with their stunning looking for the standard cardboard, boring boxes we usually get for minis. Truthfully though, I gotta believe there is no counterfeiter that would be making this kind of quality packaging for such a low (relatively) priced cigar. And look, the mouth cancer stickers look spot on. I think you are good to go.
  20. Great review... finally got my hands on this cigar and I am truly impressed. Fantastic cigar.
  21. nothing quite like a nice bundle of Siglo V1... think of all the money you save on that expensive box.
  22. Thanks Ray... well put description of the cigar... I was inspired by your post and decided to pull out a box of these I've had for a little while. Only smoked one shortly after I got them and wasn't all that impressed. Let's just say these have definitely stepped up to the plate. While I can't describe in a lot of detail, I will say it reminds me of a well aged ERDM Choix Supreme with a light layer of citrus. Extremely smooth and well balanced. Glad I gave these another shot.
  23. fantastic review John... I think I know what is next on my list... we'll see. I hope the rest of your B-day is just as good as the last 2 hours.

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