solid potato salad

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a mate sent me the below. it is a clip from the 40's apparently. three sisters singing a song called 'solid potato salad'. no big deal, but then comes the act afterwards. extraordinary. (sorry rob, it is not porn, altho...).

I had never heard of them. The song they sing is about 45 seconds long but its what they do next........

(Watch past the first 60 seconds or so, then Whoa! Look Out!)Click your mouse here: 1944 America' Got Talent

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I am so ashamed because I was oddly aroused by that! I'm watching and cognitively I'm thinking, "Wow that is amazing, athletic ability and they can see and perform so well." My subconscious, which frankly I hear quite clearly, is thinking something else. It's just that flexibility, willingness to drink alcohol are all great qualities I find in women.

I can not be saved. Honestly, I have a thing for the women in the early to mid 1900's. They are just classic beauties.

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You're not on your own.

I was thinking "One of us, Gooba Gabba, Gooba Gabba!"

LOFL, "We accept you, one of us!" What a classic! Yes, the Ross Sisters are a little reminiscent of "Freaks". Good call!


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I had to turn it off, I was waiting for them to unzip their skin and show their true alien self. :)

Seriously, that was one of the weirdest things I've ever seen. Why did they need the potato salad song in the beginning?

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