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  1. Pioneer Valley torpedo and half a bottle of Newmans Own cabernet sauvignon.
  2. First cigar in a loooong time today, was a very nicely aged and mellowed PL Montecarlo.
  3. Thank you. A very much needed QdO corona, no toscano yet, for me tonight.
  4. I recently got several different toscanos but haven't tried any yet. How do you like them?
  5. I have a 25 ct humi in my wine fridge for singles, I also have other boxes in there, I've had ot that way for a bit now and have had no bad results, humidor is just fine.
  6. Quai d orsay this afternoon with a cup of lavazza caffe.
  7. H. Upmann Regalias. Last day of class, and a few finals then VEGAS!!

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