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21 minutes ago, porkchop said:

I was careful not to deal with this case, of vaccinated person with covid vs. unvaccinated person with covid. (these articles show that viral load is similar between vaccinated and unvaccinated, symptom and no symptom when the person has covid).

However what we can say with relative certainty though is that a vaccinated person is less likely to test positive for covid. And in that case we can definitely say there is less viral load. As the viral load being past a certain threshold is what triggers a positive test.

So as I said the vaccines would reduce transmission not by making people with covid less infectious, but by reducing the number of people with covid.

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On 11/15/2021 at 1:08 PM, Hammer Smokin' said:

I'm vaccinated. My wife is not. 

I find it very difficult to have a discussion on anything related. We can't do virtually anything anymore, as vax status is required to go anywhere indoors, to any event, virtually to do anything. 

If you aren't having an issue, I suspect where you live it isn't as restrictive to be non vaxxed?

San Francisco, where you need to be vaccinated to fart.  

I just thought not bringing my gf anywhere was an added bonus ?  🤨

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