What cigars are you actively hunting for?

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Searching for the Partagas Capitols. Picked up a few tins from you and want a few more. They may be overpriced but the body, BOLD flavor, firm draw, and spice makes them perfect for aging. I'll go for 3-5 tins.

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Partagas 898 and Montecristo Especial please please

Story of my life! Always a day late.  I hear Bitcoin might take off.

Technically I should not be buying at all currently 👿. My hard to turn down list, if I were to come across them, consists of all cigars I have never tried yet: LGCMD4  Partagas 898

I've had a few boxes of RGCE through my hands in the past, but none have been in the condition i've wanted .....and ended up letting them go. 

Such a hard cigar to find in correctly kept, cherished state. 

Other than that QDO Panatelas,  these are the only two cigars I really give a damn about. 

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Yet again, I can never find any Partagas Maduros in stock anywhere either for quite a while now
Just yesterday I was able to purchase some of the ones I have had on my wishlist through a private sale on another forum.

Very excited to finally get to try some marcas and vitolas that I have never had yet

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