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  1. Great review Kim, thanks for posting! My 2020 CCE need some more rest but this makes me look forward to them.
  2. Sounds like you have a solid plan. I'd skip vacuum sealing and use jumbo hefty ziplock bags with 1med/large boveda pack per bag then load up the humidor and then pad them inside with bubble wrap. The jumbo ziplocks can hold more than you think! The vacuum sealers can smash dress boxes and would have a hard time with something like the PLPC cab. Good luck on your move and thanks for your service!
  3. Happy Birthday, John! Hope you enjoy your day and look forward to seeing you on zoom soon!
  4. Was at the Amsterdam LCDH last month. The guy behind the counter was an unpleasant individual. They have plenty of nice boxes roped off on the back wall but available only to those customers that have had a minimum spend of 3,000 euro. So, you couldn't even spend 3,000 on a few nice boxes even if you wanted without the history. I did get a dozen discontinued Bolivar Tubo #1s at a decent price. Hope you have a better overall experience.
  5. Sounds like your coach might need a break too and what are you training for anyway? Sounds interesting.
  6. Happy birthday!!! Hope Rob brought some goodies back from London for you and not just an airport Toblerone
  7. Interesting timing on the Paso Robles cab subject. Just bought 1/2 case of this and it’s pretty good if you haven’t already tried it. It’s part of the Duckhorn portfolio and it won’t break the bank.
  8. Maybe I can as I can afford to give out 4 Legit Siglo II.
  9. Lol. Ok! Out of curiosity, do you sell on Bond Roberts? Asking for some golfers I know 😉
  10. Well, if you’re an attorney like your profile seems to suggest, they already knew they would be taken advantage of. At their expense of course.
  11. Going to be a large group and all the songs will probably be a out drugs and food of course,
  12. Maybe it's tar build up that you are tasting which is bitter and acrid? but, you can actually see the tar. Has happened to me on my lanceros.
  13. Cheers from Paris. First trip post Covid and nice to be out. Happy Easter
  14. Just picked up 2 boxes of the QdO Clemenceau in Paris. They have 8 boxes left, and only 2 per customer. Literally stumbled in this place after visiting the Catacombs. It’s about a 20 min walk. Very friendly staff and an authorized retailer. As a side note, Romeo y Julieta are easy to find in all the shops I had researched prior to visiting. If you are around make a visit. You can also enjoy a cigar at Cafe Ernest around the corner.

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