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  1. I am happy to see some Aladino love in this thread!! I have to say, they are doing some fantastic things with within company. Between the Original (Corojo), Maduro, Cameroon and the Vintage Habano blends, I'd probably have to choose all 4 as favorites. I'm smoking a Habano right now but earlier this week I had a Maduro that was simply divine. As complex as I could ever ask for. As far as recommendations that haven't been suggested yet - has anyone ever tried Isabela cigars? They are based out of Miami I believe and sell only extensively pre-aged Nicaraguan tobacco. They also sweeten the tips of their cigars but only faintly and wears off after a few puffs. I believe it's a tip of the hat to the past.
  2. RASS was relatively available and has been pretty rich, no?
  3. Even better than LFD? I only ask because probably one of the greatest NC cigars I've ever had was a very well aged Litto Gomez Small Batch. It tasted funky (funky in the best way imaginable) spiced cherry cream and was just one of those cigars that had me shaking my head I disbelief at how amazing it tasted. Granted, I agree Fuente is overall probably the #1 DR brand but I have to recommend LFD as well because they definitely have some excellent tobacco as well!
  4. I can agree with what some others are saying about the branding/design, not the greatest and that's even with green being my favorite color! As far as the actual cigars go, I'm in the fan side of the split. In my experience, they seem to need at least a few years of age before they really show any potential. I have a tin of 2017s that are grassy cream and minerals in the first 2/3s (I like mineral notes) and they seem to develop a sharp buttery character in the last 1/3 that I love. The Centrofinos are my favorite out of the bunch but that's essentially because I don't like formats smaller than that. I get that they aren't everyone's favorite (and that seems to be a large portion of people) but I don't think that makes them a bad cigar. Just an affordable option that needs age for those that *do* love them to enjoy properly.
  5. The most recent Luisi I had was out of a 50 cab I got last year I think? The date was 19 or 20 I believe and I was taken back at how dessert like the profile was....iirc it was all cream, butterscotch and toffee wrapped up in a consistent medium body.
  6. AoC El Laguito Novedosos Custom - i have to say, I am way more impressed by these than I expected to be. I will certainly be getting more!
  7. 19 RASS - easily in my top 3 Robustos, but unfortunately Robustos are far from my favorite vitola. In a perfect world, this blend would also be offered as a Lonsdale in addition to the Robusto....
  8. Aladino Maduro Lancero - Aladino has been one of my top 2022 NC brands, these Lanceros have been just fantastic, doesn't matter if it's the Corojo, Maduro, Cameroon or the Habano, they are all excellent smokes.
  9. Papo Custom Lancero - my first custom and it exceeded expectations. If compared to Habanos marcas? At times I get core Upmann characteristics and at others I could swear I was puffing on an R&J Churchill.
  10. 19 SP Belicosos - salt, wood and cream and then some. Fantastic cigar. Just thinking out loud, think SP would make for a spectacular Lonsdale formatted smoke. I think that's what the Molinos are? If so I need to hunt some down!
  11. 19 R&J Ex#4 - last one from a box and to be honest, a bit of a relief. That particular box was real hit or miss, generally leaning towards miss. If it wasn't for the perfecdraw tool, I can confidently say that only 3-5 out of the box would have been even smokeable. Much like its peers, this last one require extensive reaming with the perfecdraw but ultimately is smoking not great but okay. Here's hoping my next box of Ex#4s will be better because I know just how amazing they can be when they are on
  12. Aladino Cameroon Lancero - from a box I've had resting for only a month and it is just fantastic. I think Aladino is quickly becoming one of my favorite NC companies...
  13. 20 PLMC - I've come across the occasional dud when it comes to MCs lately but when they are good, hot damn are they fantastic. This one is fantastic. 😎

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