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I’ve been watching Sopranos, where they’re constantly smoking cigars, and it made me wonder what other shows or movies prominently feature cigar smoking.



A recent one I watched was the Michael Jordan doc “The Last Dance” and MJ smokes quite a bit there.


Would love some recommendations, new or old! More points if you can recognize a Cuban cigar

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I read an article about that very subject an the Irishman. How some of the stars had specific cigars they wanted and that they had a hard time keeping them in stock. The article also mentioned that so many scenes had someone smoking a cigar in it that they had to have a couple of guys watching for continuity when a scene cut and when is started up again,making sure the cigar was the correct length. They even had to have the stand-ins have cigars.

Just found the article. It is in Cigar Aficionado. If you are interested type cigars-in-the-irishman in your search bar and it should be in the results.

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3 hours ago, cigaraholic said:

My favorite cigar movie...



agree with that. and a cracking movie. 

i remember one dodgy C grade movie set in havana (a dance thing, i think) at the very end of 1958. one chap sitting at his table smoking away. if you look closely, you can see that it has the two bands of an LE. in 1958. 

roger moore in 007 was a keen cigar smoker and actually had a clause in his contract that the producers were to provide him with as many cigars as he wanted on set (no idea what type). the producers were apparently stunned at home much that cost them. 

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