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  1. He told me it was 8-10 months but ended up being a year and one week. Certainly worth the wait.
  2. I love Habano wrapped smokes. The Sumatra is good but yahhhh… thr broadleaf is excellent and I usually don’t like maduro sticks.
  3. I haven't had many bad cigars from Pete. Tat, L'at, Surrogates, etc. they're all good.. Albeit there are some i've had and did not enjoy, but for the most part I can pick one up in a b&m and know its going to be enjoyable.
  4. Stocking up on these SdPs anyway I can. Love these little flavor bombs. Both boxes are RAT-ENE-20 A couple more boxes landed today. First box of Punch DCs. Wish they still came in 50 cabs. Some more aged Perlas to stash away 😬 OER-JUL-20
  5. Smoked the one I pulled from the recent box pass! Thanks for the delicious stick. Paired well for a boat day. LOM-JUN-12 A few sticks from last weekend and this week. Stopped by my local b&m last week and to my surprise, they still had a box of T110 Sumatra’s they were holding with my name on it. Decided to smoke both Sumatra and Maduro b2b for a little test. They didn’t get any Habanos in unfortunately. I think I liked the maduro better (never happens for me) but could smoke the Sumatra more frequently. I think I need to go pickup a box of the broadleaf.. BRO-DIC-19 Choix Supreme Principe RAT-NOV-19 from RAT-NOV-20 Galanes Tight draw opened up in the second third. Flavors ok. Faint orange peel, sweet tobacco, hazelnut. Soft, floral like retro. They’re good but need lots of rest. BSM-DIC-20 Media Luna.
  6. Playing golf in the morning with a couple buddies. First time back playing since end of June when I developed a hematoma in my abdomen. Gotta take it nice and easy.... Sunday the lady and I will be going out on our buddies boat for some day boozin fun in the sun on the water. Not sure what sticks I'll enjoy, but I know it'll be several.
  7. Sounds like a nice weekend. Those Leaf by Oscar corojos are great. Enjoy Yellowstone! Sounds like a great trip and a much deserved getaway! Hope you brought a few nice smokes (even though I'm sure they don't allow smoking in national parks. Smokey the bear will come after you).
  8. LOL not quite, Kimster. I wish they were tuna though! Nom nomm. Sounds like you DID get stuck with the village idiot. Needless to day, he didn't get a 5-star Yelp rating 🤣
  9. Get em while the gettins good! We were lucky. This is the time of year where the bite is red hot. They’re migrating and spawning right in the inlet (a couple other areas also). The water was so clear you could see hundreds if not thousands in certain areas.
  10. My brother and I linked up with some nice snook. They’re no @Kaptain Karl slobs, but fun as hell to fight.

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