Are FoH packing peanuts edible?

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I usually avoid discussing anything that violates the FOH 4th  Commandment (?) but I do believe they are the variety that are made from potato starch.   Drop one in water and see if it melts.  

If it looks like you could build a raft with and escape... well, anywhere, they’re probably the styro variety. 

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54 minutes ago, Fuzz said:

Pop them in your hot chocolate. They melt just like marshmallows, and are probably a healthier, more environmentally friendly option.

I am happy to know that you will be the joint defendant. :D

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7 minutes ago, GrouchoMarx said:

On a related note - I've heard that laundry pods don't taste as good as the ones for dishwashers.

Is that true?



Dishwasher are a little more spicy.  They go well with a nice Pinot Noir. 

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