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After seeing the dunking video a while back I have been periodically rinsing my cigars (about 1 rinsed for every 5 smoked) and taking mental notes.  Not very scientific, but I've definitely noticed a better experience (burn and flavor) from the rinsed sticks.  I had a rinsed siglo 6 last night which was transcendental, and have had spotty luck with this cigar normally.  These are all cigars stored at 65% long term, 62% short term.

I think I am going to become a full time rinser.  Anyone else doing this on the reg?

Thanks for the tip FOH! 



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I do this with newer sticks also.  On a hot, dry day here in Southern California, a good dunk has eliminated burst wrappers and has made the burn much more even.  Works with old stock and new stock.

I tend not to do this in winter but I certainly do in the summer.

Edit:  Its hot and today...my brain is on the fritz...I meant to say above "on cold, dry nights".

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19 minutes ago, SmokyFontaine said:

I feel like this has to be one of those inside jokes on the FOH forum that I'm too new to understand. 

I'm going to go check out the VIP forum to see if anyone recommends dunking over there. 

That was my first thought when I initially heard this.  Watch the video Rob et al did and see for yourself.  Then give it a try.

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4 minutes ago, SenorPerfecto said:

Older sticks only. All are properly humidified.

I get some good results on dry boxed sticks as well. 

+ on the rare occasions I am smoking out-doors in cold weather. 

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13 minutes ago, Astar20 said:

At what age is recommended to put them under the water?


Trial it yourself on a few cheapies. 

Do  back to back/side by side tasting.

Do it on dry boxed and non dry boxed cigars.  That makes it easy for you. 

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New smokes, with aged water!!! -LOL

LOL, I was thinking the same thing as I was reading through the thread. Always better with aged water

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Here in Hades with the dry summer air it's definitely helpful. No more cracked/exploded unraveling wrappers. Quite a few converts amongst people who've tried it.

Best not to share this info with strangers in cigar lounges. Too many know-it-alls think it's dumb. The uninitiated deserve their blown up cigars.

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