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  1. I like to think of all the Party 898s in cigar shops across the land that are just sitting there with no one knowing how rare and delicious they are
  2. I find this happens to me when winter comes. No more outdoor leisure time. Or if I’m kind of bored with my aged boxes. I have boxes of: boli PC/Sancho panza NP/ PL montecristo/ fonseca delicas that all have years of age on them, but even with great aged sticks to smoke, I’m always wanting something different.
  3. I definitely associate Bolivar (PC and BBF specifically) with the holidays. To me its flavour profile matches perfectly with Christmas desserts that have cinnamon, nutmeg, clove etc... Winter: Boli PC HUHC whatever EL I've been saving for a special occasion Summer: CoRo Lusi Upmann 2
  4. PART 1 The first few puffs taste similar to the smell of an empty pizza box, and I am already shaking my head. I’ve had so many stinkers in this box and when I saw the call for reviewing my nemesis I narrowed my eyes and knew it was Monte 3. And fate would have it...It's the last one from the box. The retro-hale is not unlike the cheap powdered hot chocolate you get piping hot in a Styrofoam cup at some fundraiser. And if I am to get any decent flavour during the first third, its in the retro-hale. Its strengthened and changed into the exact taste of a chocolate Timbit (a chocolate, sugar glazed golfball shaped portion of doughnut for everyone who's not from Canada haha). The only flavour from the smoke hanging in my mouth is distant raisin and the smell of tin. PART 2 The ash falls and I get that nice flavour burst that comes when the ember is exposed to the air. It’s graham crackers instead of chocolate. And as part 2 begins I have a very pleasant chocolate milk aftertaste and for maybe 2 minutes I forget that some of the other sticks in this God forsaken box were all mineral and iodine. BUT...There is a gritty feeling building in the back of my throat. And the lingering taste of dead leaves and sand hangs in the background. PART 3 Despite all that, Monte 3 really does want to be acceptable. The chocolate donut has stuck around I have to say. and as part 3 unfolds it turns into cinnamon raisin bread, that was burnt in the toaster. The aftertaste is like the smell of a room that just got painted. Dead leaves are back in spades and usually I would throw this stupid thing out the window at this point BUT NO MY FELLOW BOTL’s I’m going to keep smoking this Dog Rocket just for you. A glimmer of hope! I get the warm yeasty bread dough vibe that sometimes happens in the final third and a touch of cinnamon is fighting through the dead leaves and sand. But No, it is a lost cause. It’s like I have a stale piece of black pepper stuck in the back of my throat. it’s more campfire than the S'mores it wants to be. The flavours unravelled long ago and now the construction unravels as I pitch this Godforsaken stick out the window and I realize the only redeeming quality of this box of Monte 3's would be to turn it into a Christmas Sampler haha Bon Voyage 2/10
  5. I'm a smoke and drive to work guy as well (35-45 min drive) From your list those Cohiba shorts are fantastic little smokes that would fit your timeline perfect. ERDM Demi Tasse and Partagas shorts are in that timeline as well. H. Upmann half coronas Bolivar Petit Corona Por Larranaga Montecarlos Thats what i'm usually taking instead
  6. "frog eyes" are drops of water that sat long enough on the leaf during the curing process to prevent the tobacco from browning. Its green because the chlorophyll doesn't degrade. All cosmetic. If a leaf is really green, into the center as filler it goes.
  7. 81 years ago tonight Orson Welles stirred things up. I'm enjoying a Mag 46 as I listen to the pandemonium
  8. VERY VERY GOOD POINT! hahaha Than lets see a Castro edition Lancero
  9. @El Presidente if you're a fan of the Negroni, my bartender pal served me one with Amaro Montenegro instead of Vermouth and it was A++
  10. I have a box of TOS SEP 15 PL Montecarlos (thanks FOH auctions) that is my coffee on a late Sunday morning essential right now.
  11. A re release of the petit Upmann would be an exciting EL or a cool Kennedy commemorative thing, especially as smaller Cubans are just in a league of their own but it seems the hype nowadays is for these big 52+ gauge honkerinos
  12. the Upman Petit Corona was JFKs fav if I'm not mistaken

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