Newbie, looking for a fruity and vegetal recommendation

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Hey all,

I've been fairly committed in my limited cigar endeavors to RyJ Short Church, Party shorts and Bolivar PCs. I want to branch out and try a few fruity and a few vegetal sticks and would love any advice.


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  Fruity and vegetal automatically goes Romeo y Julieta to me although it depends what fruit you're after.

  RyJ has a sliding scale of cherry/berry/jam and herbal/vegetal along with the sweet woods/coffee. 

  I'd recommend exploring the line as they all offer a different balance/ratio of the above. The Short Churchill is one of the less vegetal to my tastes, I'd probably start with the older blends so the exhibicion no.3 / no.4, the Belicosos, Cazadores, the Petit Corona/Corona/Tres Petit Corona if you can find them.

 The newer releases (Short, Wide, Petit Churchills etc) seem to me to be blended more away from the herbal/vegetal side and towards the sweet woods 

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I find Punch DCs very fruity and always find Diplo 2s quite vegetal/funky. 

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RASS=   Dark fruit, plum, prune, Christmas cake

Magnum 50 =   Apricot, peach, sometimes strange melon character

LGC Med No4 =   Christmas cake

JL2:  Chocolate Orange

Monte No1;     like normal Monte character, but very lemony


Vegueros:    Fresh cut grass, hay, 

Por Larranaga Picadores;    Sweet garden pea puree (especially light wrappered ones)

Cohiba:   Lemongrass, Hay, Cut grass, 

Partagas 898 & Presidente:   Wet bark, leaf mulch, Mushrooms, forest floor



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I think RAS is a little bit more direct in the stonefruit department than RASS and less fickle than RASS. 

And I think RASCC has always had a distinct herbal/vegetal quality to it. 

Sounds like all your needs might be met within RA.

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Get a box of RASS with Colorado or Colorado/claro wrappers. Tons of fruit notes especially in the first half. Dark wrappers on RASS not nearly as good.

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Fruity: LGC4 and SLR Serie A if you can find them (not officially discontinued as far as I know but not commonly available either).  Fonseca No. 1 is mix of fruit and floral.  

Vegetal: Cohiba Siglo 3 or 4.

Sorry can’t comment on RASS, never had one.

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I wholeheartedly agree with the recommendations for the La Gloria Cubana Medaille D’Or no. 4, both very fruity and a great cigar. 

JL2 I get more orange creme like one might find in a chocolate than true orange, but still somewhat fruity. Definitely a very good cigar, but not one I have a particular affinity for (unlike the LGC). Only had two RASS and honestly did not get much nuance in flavor from either, probably smoked them too young.

In NC’s I really like the Olive Serie V, and find it to have a distinct red wine and leather profile. The Melanio is also quite good though I would not call it fruity and is really a quite different cigar. Most Maduros also tend to have a fruityness to me. The Padron 1926 I tend to get apple or other fruit out of depending on the example.


Not much experience with vegetal cigars as the profile generally does not appeal to me, or doesn’t sound appealing so I don’t often go after it. I suppose I do get hay or lemongrass from some cohibas, which I enjoy, but I don’t know if I’d really call those vegetal flavors to me.


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