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  1. A lot of rainy crappy weather for a couple of weeks. BUT.....Look how I got my hedges. Nice privacy wall. I feel very old being PROUD a of my hedges! Geez! How fast time has gone! ??
  2. @WarriorPrincess.........and a belated Happy Birthday Diana! ???????
  3. I’ve been swamped sorry for the last response, ? You will see the difference as time passes! ??
  4. Nothing was mentioned in your post about temp. This is what I know temp/rh relationship matters. If you get your humidity up to 68% you need to lower that temp to 60-64 degrees F. I don’t know what your temp is. All the aged boxes on FOH Auctions are kept at 60F, 68RH. I believe those aged boxes range somewhere about 3-7+ years. I live is South Florida (with the ac running 90% of the year) and while I may not be a connoisseur the way I store my cigars in a tupperdor (Ziploc Weathershield Storage box) with 62% Boveda packs. The number of packs I use depends on the size of the tupperdor. The more packs in there the less they are depleted and the longer they last. But back to temps and RH......my RH stays at a solid 62% and my temp stays at 71-73 degrees F. I have some boxes that are from 2016 and some from 2018. All smoke great. I guess if you live in an area where you have cold winters and hot summers you would want to buy an electric humidor to keep a steady temp and RH all year round. Colder temp/higher RH for aging I would guess since FOH Auctions keep them that way. But I must say, the way I keep my cigars, temp & RH, there is a big difference in body and taste as time passes. They seem to age well. They mellow out and flavors are great. I TRY to keep it simple. Whether you get them in 7 days or 30 days put them in your humidor to rest for 60-90 days. Let them acclimate to a steady temp and RH. Smoke one as soon as you get them, then smoke another after 60-90 days. You will see a difference in the burn and flavor in most cases.
  5. Either an iPhone XR (last years model) OR a new iPad. I have a relic for a phone. But I kind of like it because no one is texting me and calling me all day long, I leave it in the car. Don’t know if I want to be that connected. Especially when I am in line at the grocery store. I hate those people. I am pretty much retired. Think I will go with the ipad.
  6. 30 cigars, 8 different brands.......$1,000? @Mikeltee? or 30 of each Marca?
  7. An acoustic concert by Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson back in 2000 in a very small venue. Q & A session. Fantastic. The one I missed.........The Beatles at Shea Stadium in 1965. My sister went (10 years older than me) and didn’t take me. I was 5 1/2 years old. Still pissed at her! ?????
  8. Boom! ??Every once in a while you get a nice ash burning.....so let’s see how long it stays on for. That’s all. Just done out of boredom. And this one stayed on horizontal to the ground.
  9. Could be the beginning of a beetle feast. Not 100% sure. I would take the stick out of the box and keep it elsewhere just to be safe. The picture above in a post from another member is most definitely.
  10. And something better for you is coming! ??
  11. The D4 is still one of my favorites. That sourdough with sweet flavor in the background.
  12. PLPC has two profiles for me, the darker wrapper aged gives me a clean tobacco taste, mild to medium body. Young it’s a dark horse. The PLPC with a lighter wrapper, a light Colorado gives me that sweet Carmel flavor medium body. Young it can be a bit of a wild horse.
  13. I would have to say La Fuerza, then Principe and La Punta. I seem to get that syrupy molasses taste mostly from La Fuerza. Principe is very similar but with a darker flavor especially buying HQ or above. The quality principe is packed with flavor and a great short smoke. La Punta, at least the ones I have smoked seem lighter in body and flavor.
  14. Criminal defense attorney. OR.......actor. Pretty much the same! ?
  15. ?????? I went with the last one. Misplaced kiss. ......looking at this again a day later, I would say #4.
  16. Ten seconds......listen closely! ?? He looks soooo desperate! ?? 66538F85-C1DB-4B1B-81DF-5C743F26A987.mov

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