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Send it to me and I’ll confirm. I should know once I’m done with the first, 3rd.
Seriously, it’s difficult for me to say for sure without more pictures or details. the band looks good, cigar color and wrapper look good.

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58 minutes ago, Shelby07 said:

If that’s supposed to be a sublime the band is wrong. They didn’t use the Taino in 2004. 


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12 hours ago, Drguano said:

He also gave me this...23745220-D3AA-41AF-B95C-EB479BAA4B43.thumb.jpeg.2521a422b34b93861550ab478566bb43.jpeg

The brand new holographic Cohiba band did not exist in 2004. It actually began to appear since the launch of Cohiba Piramides Extra in 2012 (applied to other Cohiba cigars since 2014). Because of this, both of them are actually obvious fakes as others said earlier.

I am surprised that these dubious fakes are still floating around the Cuban market... Hope this will definitely help CC newbies to know how do fake cigars look like.

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   F-A-A-A-K-E  :thumbsdwn:

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Fakes indeed. A few friends and I stopped by a watering hole the other night and the owner, an old friend of ours gifted 3 of the ‘Siglo VI’s and one of the ‘Sublimes’. I tried to maintain a poker face as my friends marveled at their good fortune but after they asked me about the cigars I started to laugh. I am pretty sure the giver has no idea these are fakes and felt bad. I was not going to keep one but wound up with the ‘Siglo VI’. The band is spot on with the tiny holographs on the lower gold band. Here is another shot with a real Sublime that probably be put to the torch this weekend. And a side by side with a Media Siglo to see the bands and triple cap vs double cap.



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