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  1. The Padron Damaso seems like an outlier as one of 2 NC. I’d say put in either more NC, or a better representation of them like a Padron X000 series. Doesn’t need to be fancy, but he’ll think all NC are like CT wrapper.
  2. Puris Indios Chief Maduro. I don’t enjoy maduros. This was a slog for as long as I could stand.
  3. I’ve smoked about a dozen Cohibas of various vitolas over the years and my most favorable response has been, ‘meh’. Most are grassy and unpleasant to my tastes. Coupled with the price point, I stay away.
  4. Illusione Singulare Annunaki is my favorite, but it’s pretty hard to go wrong. If you want something similar to the Epernays, try the ECCJs.
  5. Crowned Heads Mil Dias. I smoked several thinking they had to get better. No.
  6. I like how the health warning stickers are now an additional means of authentication.
  7. And the Swedes are neutral. And Dutch people are from Denmark. How hard is this, people???
  8. Coffee and chocolate flavors are why I stay away from maduros. 1 note cigars.
  9. Careful with Jackfruit if you have a latex allergy. Not kidding.

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