Who will be the buyer for Imperials 50% share of HSA?

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I've mentioned it before, but the only option I can make any sense of is China Tobacco. They have the cash, they don't need the revenue, and a couple of billion USD would be a reasonable outlay for a stake in a marquee global luxury brand. And Chinese corporations have less fear of U.S. lawsuits than just about any others.

I also think it's possible that Imperial is panicking and won't find a buyer.

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LVMH makes some sense... European company, so probably less worried about US lawsuits than an American company would be, plenty of cash, mostly privately held, definitely see the potential of luxury brands in China and the middle east. They'd be more interested in owning Cohiba than they would in Quintero, though.

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From inside the industry you'd probably think General so the copyright issues mostly are dealt with. But in this day and age and in light of how backdoor deals get done in Cuba, I could easily see an aggressive investment company with a clause they have a hands on company man overseeing the general direction. Or like others have said, Chinese or any Middle Eastern national investment arm.

  Look how PSG and Man City, Emirates and Qatar Airlines have become living adverts for their respective owner nations, and at the cost of billions. A super luxury cigar company would be just the type of portfolio additions these would like to acquire.


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Chinese company makes the most sense.  They can tailor the portfolio to cater to Chinese market more than it is, plus it's a historic brand to own.

When  thinking of suitors; what will Habanos be like in 20 or 40 years?  Will there even be a world market for cigars?

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China Tobacco would be the odds on favourite, but as Alex mentioned, LVMH could also be a potential buyer. Pernod Ricard is another possibility, considering their partnership with CCR. Doesn't really fit into Pernod's portfolio, but they could look at expanding beyond beverages.

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