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  1. 2019 box codes have been quite splendid.. all of them
  2. Theres been a competition between me and my old man regarding who has the best technique for the pork belly roast. This weekend was his turn, so i just helped with basic prep. He added some curry and basil leaves at the bottom of the roast and tops it with some apple cider vinegar lmao. Seems legit!! Supposed to light this cigar up after a generous helping of crackling pork however I got a call from my property agent in regards to one of my rental apartment unit. Someone broke in and literally wiped everything!! TV is a given, but c'mon my sofa!!?!? and 3 sets of carpets too!! I guess my ID did a good job on the renovations. So I had to postpone the smoke and review for a good 6 hours as I went from apartment to police station and back to the apartment again to wait for an inspector to arrive at the scene of crime. So... finally... after sundown, really.. really looking forward to the smoke (oh you know that feeling) First puffs, the world disappears, and the weight off my shoulders unshackled. Worldly fatigue non-existent as I sink into my chair wondering what the hell are the thieves going todo with my air-cond remote control without the air-cond unit.... Cocoa puffs, some grass, a little green. Some malts. Brilliant stuff. Heated up the leftover roast, still crackling, but the oils and fats built up and is a little overpowering now. Still, oily food does complement smokes rather well. The green grassiness though seem to be doing something with my dad's funky basil-curry leaf blend. So I downed the pork, cleaned my palate and just enjoyed the cigar as a standalone digestif. Second 3rd, the cuban twang hits home. I have not had such 'twang' in quite some time. Making me wonder if the rumours about Cuba using imported leaves are true. This however, is Cuban through and through! Final 3rd, Dark chocolate, sour-loamy earth. maltiness re-appears. Its like falling in love all over again. Nub: Wanted to nub this, i rarely smoke a cigar till the nub but this one calls for it. Sadly it is burning rather hot and I'm just not a nubbing tool kinda person so I'm forced to put to cigar to sleep. Final smoke time: 80 mins Final Thoughts: 90-92 points. One of the best creations to come out of HSA in recent memory. Never fails..
  3. About to light this one up after over 2 hours of slowww cooking. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I know its not really a robusto per se but..... Petit Edmundo's reliable consistency makes it the greatest
  5. 4 hours was just about when i removed the band. Just around halfway. Did not finish the cigar lmao. It's quite humid in Asia. My experience is similar. Smokes tend to last about 30-40% longer and it gets really dull and dark towards the end. And the cigar sometimes gets a little mushy.
  6. Seems like 90% of FoH prefer skinnies, as do I... most of the time... But sometimes, one's gotta do something extraordinary in the name of science. Move over hand cannons, these are the fat man bombs! (5.5 x 80RG) I do love Aganorsa tobacco, I find that to my tastes they're my preferred stuff whenever I feel like something not from habanos. They're normally very refined and well aged. Not these however!! 80RG behemoths!! These make the Gran Quixote look small!! I've had these in my humidor for some time, just did not muster enough courage to take them on. Today, today we make history! Glorious afternoon indeed!! The thickness is manageable on the lips thanks to the taper obviously, and the draw is slightly south of perfect, a little tight. First puffs: Chocolate, Coffee, some cane sugar sweetness, some pepper spices. Very good! 1st 3rd: Draw opens up a little bit, very syrupy choco smoke! very enjoyable. Peppers just tingle to keep things interesting without ever annoying. 2nd Qtr of the 1st 3rd: Nothing much has changed, some generic charred tobacco and earth. Oh the smoke production isn't as voluminous as I thought, still slightly more than an average cuban. 3rd Qtr of the 1st 3rd: Same ol same ol. 2nd 3rd: Ok its been 2 hours...... I've lost track of time. I seem to have misplaced something.. but I cannot remember what. Cigar still going on strong, but the flavours have sort of tapered off? slightly muted, still enjoyable i think? 2nd Qtr of the 2nd 3rd: 3 hours in.... I think? what day is it? 3rd Qtr of the 2nd 3rd (just passsing midway point): 4 hours in, this is where I black out? Flavours have gotten really dull, damp earth, diluted black coffee. Draw got really tight, perfec draw went in about 4 times, each removing a fair bit of tobacco. Smoke output is waning at best, lotsa relights required causing the smoke to turn harsh.... I no longer seem to be in my house, where am I?
  7. I get nervous when i open a box and i see colorado wrappers with a teeny bit of reddish hue on them... or some really dark colorado maduro wrappers... They tend not to burn well at all... I believe it has something todo with it being too thick? un-breathable... therefore air cannot go in via the wrappers.. only from the foot of the cigar...
  8. I.... have only one stick of the 1966... have not yet had the heart to light that one up ?
  9. Thicccc stick. A little bit thicker than what I would have preferred. Prior to these being a part of my collection I suspect they were not kept as well as they can be. The humidor they were kept in thus imparted a little bit of that ‘really old cedar humidor’ scent about it. Still, aesthetically these look perfect. Colorado wrapper with a sheen. Draw is perfect all the way through!! Initial puffs give of earth and coffee. A lot. Of coffee. The dalgona coffee I’m having further accentuates the coffee. This.... Dalgona coffee thing has been trending ever since the quarantines started being enforced all over the world. Basically a thick, whipped up coffee foam topping over milk. An inch in, this is one smooth cigar, I hate using the word smooth to describe cigars but smooth this is. Mellow but medium bodied. All the flavors don’t really pop out individually but rather just melds together to create an enjoyable puffing afternoon. Midway point, a little sourness appears. Slight hay. Sour earth. Cacao notes in and out and fleeting about. Last 3rd, Leather notes coming through. Some wood. But mostly coffee. Burn line is thick but really well behaved. I think I’ve only touched up once or twice. And that’s only because I’m ..... OCD about maintaining that straight burn. Final smoke time: 90mins. Final thoughts: 90-93 points. Started off amazing but disliked that sourness from the midway point onwards. Would have liked to try these a couple of years earlier to see if there’s more punch to this cigar while still maintaining the smoothness. Should have also smoked these indoors but.... really the porch is all I have for now [emoji24] Will be revisiting this stick again soon enough! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. It sounds plausible enough tonight, but wait until tomorrow. Wait for the common sense of the morning.... They didn’t wait for the common sense to kick in.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Beautiful stick Beautiful colour. This size is just amazing. A perfect 'modern' sized cigar. 53RG x 5.7inches. First puffs, amazing draw, smoke production is just about medium which is very standard for a cuban cigar. Some butter, some wood, very light sort of wood. Burnt coffee on the edges and the finish. I'm smiling to myself like a creep. An inch in, some twangy, sourish cubanesque note appears along. Nothing much else have changed. Enjoyable so far to say the least! Midway point, some caramel hints appear. coffee (still burnt ish). Flavours feel slightly muted, unsure if its the ridiculous heatwave today. Its an empty highway and im stuck on 4th gear!!! Final 3rd. Draw got really tight, smoke production drops a full rank. Right now its just tobacco, charred earth and some woodiness. Sometimes a little sweetness appear just to keep me interested. Final smoke time: 90mins Final Thoughts: 87-89. Amazing looks, amazing feel in the hands, but was not as impressed with this as I was with the 2019 New Topes. Still far better than the Media Luna. Will have to revisit
  12. Sous Vide and then smoked..... and capped the night with a smoke Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. What did Caldwell got themselves into? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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