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Your morning reminded me of the first night i had on Herron Island in '96. Baby birds crying bloody murder all night. Bless the wife for enduring that, i was 3 tanks a day on the Barrier Reef down at 15 meters for the week. Quiet. One of the best vacations ever. You mentioned fly fishing? Are there inland streams [croc free?] or coastal fishing offshore?

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This is all boring, Rob! Get to the point where you blow up the barbie, set fire to the tent, puncture the inflatable bed or accidentally break all of Di's sauv blanc stash.

We want to see the carnage!!! :rotfl:

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14 minutes ago, El Presidente said:

When Di works out that the centre tarp cross pole is held up with zip ties....i'm screwed :rolleyes:




I believe one could drag the earth from its orbit with enough Zip Ties. I say, “well done!”

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7 hours ago, El Presidente said:

Can I say.....Range Rover Evoques are not known for towing.  What was I thinking :rolleyes:.  As I tap this out I am looking at all the other 4x4 in the campsite. landcruisers, jeeps, Patrols, Landrovers.  I have the only Evoque.......I am quite proud of it :spotlight:

many many years ago, we went on a family camping/motel holiday up and down the east coast. mostly motels but a few nights camping.

my uncle, who was always a car nut (had a collection of old vintage cars including several rollers, the first from back in the 1920s which he found half buried in a banana plantation and which cost him five quid plus the cost of getting it back to brizzy - family still has it). he had the second range rover to ever arrive in australia - i did say many years ago. he lent it to dad for the trip as his car had an issue. dad knew no more about cars than i do. in other words, absolutely zero. 

i remember the fuss when we pulled into a campground. within minutes, surrounded by almost everyone in the ground. no one had ever seen such a car before. all the blokes asking dad questions (they may as well have been speaking japanese). they all wanted him to open the hood. i'm not sure he actually knew how. 

we were the rockstars of the campground, bathing in adoration and admiration. until we pulled out our tents. the good one was little more than a tarp to be tied between trees. the other was the little tee-pee we'd had as small children. adoration turned to humiliation and pity. every time. got so that as soon as we arrived in a campground, mum would go for a long walk. eventually, we'd wait until dark and try and put the 'tents' up. problem was that we were not good at doing it in daylight. no chance in the night. 

it was tail between the legs as we drove out the next morning, every time. 

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1 minute ago, El Presidente said: this is living :rolleyes:




where on earth are you? perfect day here. 

i think you are in the backyard and have set up a hose to make it look tough. 

but seriously, you have gone camping and taken door mats. not one but three. that is mortifying. who even thinks of that? i'm lucky if i remember the tent. 

you are the kardashians of camping. 

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shame! that is not camping!

mind you, this was my tent the past time i went camping.

second time i have stayed there - fabulous. that said, this time, they had banned smoking in the hot tub outside. 



the bathroom is behind the bed.

Tent Bathroom Alure Stanthorpe

the hot tub.

Alure Stanthorpe Glamping Tent with outdoor spa and BBQ


it is sort of camping.

Glamping Queensland accommodation at Alure Stanthorpe

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6 hours ago, LLC said:

My idea of roughing it is no room service ?

i am no fan of politicians of any stripe but i did like the farewell speech of one C pyne.

while all the other tossers told of humble beginnings and their rise despite the overwhelming odds they faced (what a monstrous load of tosh - the worst most of them ever faced was the risk of not getting pre-selection), pyne got up and said that he was unable to come up with his own log cabin background, but he had known hardship. on one occasion at parliament house, he'd been forced to slice his own lime for his G&T. 

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On 4/15/2019 at 4:55 AM, El Presidente said:

When Di works out that the centre tarp cross pole is held up with zip ties....i'm screwed

I cant help but think that the two greatest inventions of the 21st century namely

- Gaffer tape

- Cable ties

Have mainly benefitted two distinct groups of people

- DIY 'have a go hero's'

- and kidnappers

Both acts of pure evil, just different flavours, Ha



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