from the same cab???

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these are from a cab i got from rob a while back. have thoroughly enjoyed most of those i have smoked so far (i am away so not sure of the code but i am suspecting it would be a bit over a decade old). have probably smoked 15-18 of them if memory serves.

anyway, was heading down to mornington peninsula for the Pinot Celebration. normally don't get a chance to have a smoke but grabbed a couple of PLPCs from this cab, just in case. i did not hand pick. literally grabbed the first two that came to hand. only later did i take any notice. 

these are the same smoke - PLPC - from the same cab. 





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I've seen this too in the SLB50 Por Larranaga RE. Even more often inside the bundle there are terrible wrappers that are hidden inside.
If I'm not mistaken originally the pack SLB “cabinet seleccion” meant the specially selected cigars for a Cabinet-humidor. Over time, the selected quality has disappeared, and many prefer to buy cigars in the package Dress Box of 10, because you can see quality of all the cigars.

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Funny thing, I just happened to be watching your ur and Rob’s PLPC review tonight and this decade old cab was mentioned. 

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had the chance to smoke them both this arvo. thought it would be interesting to compare. 

big one first - it was a little loose but no real problem. as a cigar, it was just okay. certainly the least exciting of the cab so far, so far as i recall. a little earthy, but smoked quite well. but not a hint of caramel at all. 

the second one, much tighter, again not an issue. but all that expected caramel was there in spades. 

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