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  1. One of my favorite of all time cigars. I have a box and a half left.
  2. Neither of us is hiding a body. No divorce papers have been filed. So, I’d say we are doing great.
  3. We went skiing in British Columbia the first week of March for the first time in ten years. Apparently, I decided I needed all new ski gear in case we go again next year. New skis, boots, jacket, pants and gloves. My wife is not happy, but this is the time of year to buy ski gear. It’s all on sale!
  4. I actually like ATL. Yes, it is spread out, but it is very easy to navigate. As long as I have one hour for my connection, I’m in good shape with no running. Their Global Entry is a breeze. From plane door opening to immigration to baggage claim to being in my car is always less than an hour.
  5. Old ERDM for sure. The older they are, the more it comes out. The skinnies can take on a predominately tea flavor profile. Very mild, but a great morning smoke.
  6. As an update, I received my cutter yesterday. Actually, I received a new cutter as a replacement. Right at 4 weeks from door to door. i am going to send in a second one for sharpening next week.
  7. This was the first cigar out of a box that has been sitting for 3 years. The box still smells like it did when I checked the cigars upon arrival three years ago, and I took the first one off the top. The pre-light draw was firm, but not too tight. Nice tobacco flavors coming through. With a nice drink, I lit it up and settled in for a nice smoke. First third was actually a little rough. The draw and burn were fine, but there was a rough back end flavor that I can only describe as coffee grounds. Definitely coffee flavor, but very bitter on the back side. By the second third, the bitterness had subsided and I started picking up on the Cohiba grassiness (sp?) and some woody flavors. The bitterness was still lingering, but not as prominent as before. When I got to the final third, the woody flavors became more pronounced and the grassiness settled into the background. The bitterness abated for the most part. Overall, I was not impressed with this cigar. It is younger than I would normally smoke it, but I wanted to see how the box was progressing. I will let these sticks sit for another year before I break out another. I’d give it a mid-80’s grade. As a side note, I am not a big Cohiba fan. I have boxes I have purchased over the years because, well, they are the marquee cigar out of Cuba. My preferences, in order, are ERDM (?‍♂️), Bolivar, Montecristo and HdM. I enjoy Cohibas from time to time, and my Cohiba preferences are the Sig V, Sig III and Espléndido.
  8. I am smoking one now from 2015, and I think it needs more time.
  9. I sent my cutter in last month. All I have gotten is an email saying they received it. I’m not worried enough about it to get on the phone, but I will post back here when I get it (or its replacement) back.
  10. Mead (Autumnal,of course) Sangria Patron Tequila shots peppermint espresso from Starbucks
  11. Yep, one of those days where a long smoke and a few drinks will make my evening better. Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro from ‘07.
  12. My Rolex (though not near as nice) has been in my nightstand for years. I realized I never looked at it for the time, so I quit wearing it.
  13. It’s always been my understanding that it is a personal touch by rollers. Some say only the best rollers do it, but my experience would say otherwise. ?
  14. It’s the obligatory book for the top of your Aristocrat.
  15. I’ve had some size differential in cabs, but none that pronounced. Looks like a Party Short got mis-banded and thrown in with the PLPCs. ?
  16. Father of a good friend? I smoke his cigar and show gratitude for his gift and grind through it. Hell, it’s the polite thing to do. Im not a Romeo y Julieta fan, but if one of you guys came to a sit down with a RyJ Churchill and gifted it to me to smoke there, I would smoke it. Even if I didn’t care for it, I would thank you for it and say good things about it. Just my 2¢.
  17. JGD - my sticks went out today. Sent you some aged skinnies. Hope there’s no draw issues. ERDM Lonsdale RPO ENE 01 Montecristo Especial No. 2 MRB MAY 07 Montecristo No. 1 BUM SEP 14 (I Smoked the first one out of this box this week ?) HdM Epi 2 FIM MAR 05 RyJ Hermosos No. 2 EL FBD JUL 04 PLPC OEB FEB 07
  18. I drive a Tundra and did the oil the first time myself. Screw it, I just take it to Express Oil now. Yeah, it costs $90, but considering the amount of synthetic oil it takes and the pain in the ass, it’s worth it.
  19. I have never had a problem with AutoZone/o’Rielleys/Advance Auto parts not being to spec. I just did my wife’s Infiniti G37s. I had no idea it had the Z350 Brembo brakes, but the guy at Autozone made sure I got the right pads and rotors. Perfect fit. Good luck!
  20. Montecristo #1. BUM SEP 14. Rich, deep and a powerhouse. Old school monte flavors. This is the first out of the box, so I hope I have 24 just like it.
  21. No pics, but I took a pair of HdM Epi 2s to go smoke with a buddy I haven’t seen for a few years. Box code FIM MAR 05. Both of us were blown away. Not by strength, but by complexity and depth. We both nubbed them when our fingers were burning. Damn, I wish I had another cab of these!

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