"That's not a beetle"....THIS IS A BEETLE!

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Tobacco Beetle.....Pfffft....Tobacco beetles are pansies. 

Adam came across this beetle as he went through some new HDM Double Coronas. 

Yes...that is the beetle tucked away. He was alive and quite happy. Size wise, about half that of your pinky nail. 

Check out the damage he has done to the box. It is as if he was reliving the beetle version of "Shawshank Redemption". 

He has bored through wood, tobacco, paper. 

The box was a late 16 so he couldn't have been in there too long.  

He likely beat the freezing process as I can't see any evidence of him coming in from the external of the box. 

Likely a few days in the freezer would only make him feel a little "chilly".  This beetle you would have had to take out fighting trench to trench with a flame thrower :D









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20 minutes ago, SticksAndSticks said:

While we're on the subject, how often to do folks check for beetles in your collection? Are you ever worried about them? If things are reliably below 70F is it not an issue?

I freeze all new boxes at 10 below zero Fahrenheit for 48 hours No problems


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Little prick. Grrrrrr. I hate them.

I do admire his resilience though....

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"The Creator must have an inordinate fondness for Beetles. He made so many of them."

--JBS Haldane

A tough battle to keep puros safe for us...ever vigilant

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 "he was reliving the beetle version of "Shawshank Redemption"


i remember last year new to the forum trying to figure out what to do about a box of infested D4s. Never looked at it as a great escape.

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Ok now it figures out.  These hungry little buggers (no pun intended) are eating away Habanos profits.

My goddness who would ever have thought that was the reason for the shortage.  That and a little creative book keeping

on the side.  I still believe they (Habanos) are waiting for the invasion to the states and are stock piling leaf to send to the yanks.  And if all else

fails they could always go to Hiroshi Robaina and from his farm in Nic. use his Cuban leaf made from Cuban seed.

I'm sure this is going to create strange bed fellows (leaf shortage) of one kind or another!

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nasty looking critter..

That is one of the several reasons I buy from FOH.. The great team inspects before putting up for sale.. Thanks team

I keep my humidity ~ 65 - 67.. So, me think beetles should not be an issue.. Is my understanding correct?

crap.. Now I'm gonna have to inspect every stick in my humidor. There goes my day !!

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12 hours ago, PigFish said:

... he's just pissed off that he got stuck in a box of Churchill and his buddies all got to do there things with a du Prince!

-the Pig

Phew!!... And I yet expected having to go into a new round of debating with Piggy on Cuban QC and freezing issues.... :lol3:.

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I'd need a macro of the beetle itself (the back, not the belly which is shown) to be sure but I think what you have here is a sort of jewel beetle or wood boring beetle. Looks like tobacco was an afterthought here...

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But - if I'm not mistaken - that is NOT a "tobacco beetle". (Looks way too big -  and there was only one).

SOOooooo the question is what kind of beetle is it, and how did it manage to survive?


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