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    Tempting summer steelhead with skated dries, flinging toads to silvery sabalos on Cuban flats, savouring oily Cubans with deserving amigos

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  1. Reynaldo/Reinaldo robusto from a rapidly thinning stock. Guess I'm smoking a collectors' item given his move to Mexico. What the heck, to Reynaldo. Fantastic cigar.
  2. Yeah, sounds like similar experiences. Moved to Victoria after 36 years in the same house. Amazed and disturbed about how many paper files in particular I accumulated--and had to shred and recycle over many weeks. Plus other stuff. Not to mention cleaning the house and deciding what to take, set up again in the new place, etc., etc. Staying put.
  3. Hiroshi Robaina custom, no band, officially known as El Padrino, or Godfather. God I wish I had many more.
  4. Nice! One of my favourite fish--period.
  5. Okay, didn't smoke them all in a day, but a selection from this past week to make chasing steelhead even sweeter.
  6. Love it. I helped indigenous groups build fishwheels for selective fishing. Far better than gillnets
  7. After 41 years of living in the big, noisey and congested city just moved yesterday to a much quieter Vancouver Island. Time to celebrate 🍾 And not one complaint so far about smoking.
  8. The increasingly rare (in my collection at least) Reynaldo Robusto. From November 2019. Damn COVID and restrictions
  9. Getting my jab, tomorrow. Either Pfizer or Moderna, but won't know until I expose my arm. I think a Wide Churchill will be in order.
  10. Conservation biologist who worked way too much overtime then made the switch to semi-retired conservation biologist working far fewer hours and charging much more. Extra earnings for cigars while I enjoy my free time.
  11. First trip to Cuba 17 years ago to fish. Fell in love with the fish, country, people, and cigars. All she wrote.

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