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  1. Was gifted 5 of these. From the outside they are lovely, sheen wrappers, with excellent construction. I actually enjoyed the one I smoked so far; however, I had quite a few drinks in me so I can't give an accurate assessment 😜Hoping to try one more sober soon.
  2. My favorite go to rums for mixing are Ron Zacapa 23 or Diplomatico Reserva. Harder to get the HC7, but when I do it's a treat 🙂
  3. Occasionally I've experienced mint and menthol flavors, which have caught me off guard! Once and only once I tasted cheesecake, I was not a fan ?
  4. I did get a box previous for smoking and this one I’ll age. I really enjoyed the few I have smoked so far. Creamy, strong and earthy, with hdm love but more refined. they will only improve!!!
  5. I can agree, I have seen more cosmetic issues in the cardboard packs as opposed to dress box. Seems the DB keeps the cigars better preserved and less mangled up than the packs do
  6. New arrivals. Both are delicious, round 2 : La Palmera UAE and Hoyo Cosecha Epicure No 2
  7. Have posted in a few weeks, here are my recent purchase.
  8. C&A is a solid company offering excellent smokes. Not only that but they are run by some of the nicest people. Had a pleasure of meeting them and smoking at IPCPR last summer. Look forward to seeing them again and anticipating their new releases.
  9. I will undoubtedly go for the Bolivar Supremas Churchills "Tubed." Have smoked a few from the 1980s and each has been 100 pt perfect cigar. Love the format. I often go for a lonsdale or robusto extra, this is a nice balance between the two. While I only have a handful left, I dream of the days I can savor them.

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