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  1. The leaf may be award winning but that fade on the young dude in the first pic Nino posted should be too! That is tight! need to get his barbers number for my next visit.
  2. Thanks for sharing Prez. Any suggestions on how we can help? Recommended relief organizations we could donate to?
  3. Big fan. Great quality at good prices. They have that hand made quality but are not overly fancy, which fits for us engineer types. Also they are having a big sale that may have sucked me into another pair of boots today.
  4. Was lucky enough to have parents that introduced me to Prine young and I have been spreading the gospel every since. Great to have people from the last reaching out about moments we hated listening to Prine. Imho one of the best song writers ever. Had to stop listening to Souvenirs a few years ago because it moved me to tears every time, started again last night.
  5. Well I have been taking the life is short advice to heart this month and broke into some sticks I had been saving, for what, I have no idea. Probably my top this month was a Sancho Panza Regional from Serbia. Was fortunate enough to get a few in a split a while back. For regular production my top this month was a Bolivar Royal Corona, a reminder why these should be in my regular rotation! Thanks y’all for the entertainment these last few weeks!
  6. Pearl Jam’s New Album! https://open.spotify.com/album/5bTixyz2GHx1YUqNUdzfut?si=68-z9S9VT2Wt4_m4YnJ35w
  7. With that label, I would have bought a case! I think your restraint is admirable.
  8. The first of my businesses to shut down is a restaurant. We gave the employees a bonus, a bunch of food, and most importantly honesty. Very few of them will have any hours in the coming weeks so we advised them to apply for unemployment immediately. Other restaurant owners are either more optimistic, don’t have a plan, or are afraid of their employees trying to find other work, but the result is the same, not a clean break allowing the employees to be caught by the safety net. other than that, get prepared for bridge loans if you need them. They will be coming at least here.
  9. What happened to 1-3 cigars????? I must have been in some kind of work induced time warp! Maybe smoking them after the reveal will give me a clue what they are.
  10. Weighing options for a large humidor that can hold my whole collection. Does anyone have experience with either of these brands; Wacota or Gerber? Seem to represent both ends of the price spectrum. Cooling would need to be added for my locale. Thanks for your input!

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