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  1. burn 'em. I have NCs from 2001 still smoking well, some brands hold up nicely with time. generally I find that the strong sticks benefit most from a few years of age. I always age them with out cello, in a cab, the old fashioned way. you can get a smoother, more balanced smoke ,with nuances you did not notice when the cigar was young.
  2. Lusitania 50 Cab EBO JUN 21 Hoyo DC 50 Cab GOB JUN 21 Has anyone seen or bought either of these cabs ? has anyone seen a 25 box of either with these box codes ? Just trying to determine if these are legit. thanks for your help.
  3. don't hand out any cigars in a shop selling cigars. owners don't like that. stay on the prowl and meet as many folks as you can, don't sit beside the local asshole. people will think you know him.
  4. I have been smoking cigars for 50 years. My collection is quite large. Never seen this type of damage to a wrapper. Never seen this question on a forum either, so I feel like this is a rare ocurrance. How about you, Digi ?
  5. "Doesn’t come off even if scratched..." guess again......or try reading the thread ......
  6. Is it smart to buy CC stock before the price increases hit? sorry, it's WAAAAY TOO LATE. You should have done this YEARS AGO.
  7. You got hussled. I enjoy the alternate spellings that are so prominent these days. And the use of "Like " in a written missive. substituting "then " for "than " and on and on. Now we are studying sellers' remorse.
  8. is there a "Pedantifile "? if so ,are they required to register with the local Police ?
  9. after 50 years of enjoying cigars, I find that weak, pale wrappers are to be avoided. Mottled wrappers can be excellent, very dark wrappers can be hard to burn, or can be dyed . Shiny or "oily " wrappers will usually have more and stronger aromas, and add a lot to the enjoyment. Light khaki colored wrappers can be excellent or awful, depending on the care given during curing. Size does not influence me as far as a desired wrapper color, a non issue.
  10. just combine that with a C-Pap unit and it will fly. For people who have trouble falling asleep while at work or traveling......
  11. reminds me ,I need to clean out the cat's litter box...........

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