Has anyone had the pleasure of the new Swiss RA Perfecto?

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It seems these have landed at various Swiss vendors and are (surprisingly) pretty well priced

Has anyone had the opportunity to try these yet?

I'm curious if they resemble the standard RA blend or are similar to the RA Extra Blend from 2011 (as was rumoured)

Thanks all

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The RA extra blend was great and has gotten even better, but I know in in the minority on here...

I'm with you. Still have most of my last box intact. I really enjoy the taste and size.

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They look lovely. The combination of the size, shape, packaging and that green band has me won over. Good price too as someone was saying, 155 chf for 10.

The size, I think, is exactly the same as the UK Bolivar Britanica, a 'Britanica Extra' 48rg. Which, I have a feeling, was an error originally. The UK regional was supposed to be the same size the RA Cestiales Finos (46 rg), a Britanica. Somebody somewhere read an 8 where there was supposed to be a 6. Thus the Britanica Extra.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I woke up this morning and eventually (23 seconds) my thoughts turned to cigars and I remembered this stick and wondered if anyone had availed themselves in the past three weeks. Further thoughts?

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