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  1. Merry Christmas! Extraordinary group here- Rob and crew, I feel blessed to call you all friends!
  2. As I was trying to explain to a patient's husband the complexities of her newly diagnosed (terminal) illness, the patient's obviously astute uncle cut me off mid-sentence and said " you can save your breath, I should probably be teaching you about this- I read all about it on the internet last night ". Nearly speechless, I turned to the husband and asked him if he would like to join me for a cup of coffee just down the hall in my office. We had 2 or 3 cups and a lengthy conversation.....minus Uncle Internet MD. I've had more laughs over the last several years re-telling that story. I think it will stand as one of the top 3 funnies of my career.
  3. Ambient weather WS-10 , comes with 3 sensors and can add 5 more. Very reasonable price and accuracy. Base unit functions as a sensor as well. I have tried several and this has been the best all around so far.
  4. Maduro version has been a far more interesting smoke than the Nat
  5. And they say we don't listen- this one only took 20 yrs, but, damn! It was worth the wait :-) (Auto- OTF)
  6. What was your experience? I'll be resting these for at least a month and have another friend still on the island-have him load up or stick with what I've got and throw that$ into my reg productions? Thanks, S
  7. That's great to hear De! You guys have created an amazing team. We are so thankful to have good, honest hard working folks like you all. Speaking for myself, you guys have single handedly dialed up my enjoyment of this hobby from a 6 to a 10+!!! Now I cant say the same for my wife when she gets the CC bill each month, but I've promised to take her on holiday there one of these days so that we can meet you all. I could go on all day long about how much your team's hard work is appreciated. Thank you all- Rob,De,Greg and all the rest of the team- I wish you the happiest of holidays to come. Scotty
  8. If I'm reading the article right, the US re-opened the opportunity to file claims in 2005-2006, yet they filed no claim then. Piss off
  9. So, I had decided to just take care of myself and drop this whole idea, but I have rec'd so many PM's from you guys either expressing interest or just saying thanks for trying to do something positive that I got a renewed sense of brotherhood. Thus, I will see this through to some kind of result. Now, I want to clarify what I mean by negotiating a good deal since apparently forum etiquette dictates that you include all of the fine print up front. To me, an example of a "good deal" is the deal that "Lotusguy" mentioned in his post. A "good deal" is not paying the huge markups that I'm sure you've seen other places. I do not wish to pay those gouging prices, so if I can get pretty close to original price then I'll be happy. To all of you guys who have pm'd me, I have you in my count, and I will be communicating with a person that I know to see what he can do for us. Once I have more info, I will pm each one of you back. To Rob and team, you guys know me and know that I hold you all in the highest regard, so if you guys feel that my activity here is in any way poor form, please let me know. If so, I will stop posting about this immediately. My relationship that I have built with you guys is the most important thing period.
  10. This is why I just typically keep to myself, but I assumed that If were to participate anywhere that this would be the place to do it because I know what kind of people that Rob and De are through my almost weekly dealings with them over the last several years. That being said, let me know if you boys would like to try a couple of these, I'll happily gift some your way.
  11. You guys are probably right, I should just keep to myself like usual because I tend to do ok on my own...was just trying to think of my other brothers. I don't need a discount; I'm in no way filthy rich, but I make a decent little income repairing VCR's. So, if I want them, I'll buy them.Thought if I could get a little break, it might make a difference to some of the guys. But, I can take a hint; I know when to piss off. Any of you guys who have interest, PM me. If I come up with a price that's good for you, just tell me how many you want, and we'll figure it out from there. Cheers
  12. Any other interest so I can see what kind of negotiating power I will have?
  13. Sir Winnie is indeed the finest of the marca but I voted #2 because it's readily avail (unlike SW's) and its consistently a good smoke even at average quality. At El Prez quality, it's consistently a great smoke.
  14. Have a line on these now so any input from anyone who has tried them would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to decide whether or not to pull the trigger and for how many boxes.
  15. Not an NC kinda guy but these babies were worth the trade-damn fine!
  16. @cohibastevie...I too am finishing off a 2011 box of sig II and they couldn't be better!

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