For those where it is still snowing.......:-)

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It's a bit like that here only the heat would have melted the cup LL

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Thanks ever so much. It is -16 degrees C and the wind makes it feel like - 26 degrees C. Colder tomorrow. Perhaps, as penance for posting such a painful picture, the Prez could send some small sticks to those of us suffering below 0 temps. I suggest an Upmann half corona (about the only thing I could smoke outdoors without suffering frostbite) for every 5 degrees below) C.

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Hey Prez,

Blowing snow and -4 fahrenheit this morning, but really, I enjoyed this warm and colorful took me away, just for a moment!! smile.png


What a great photograph! I trust that is you? That is a great contrast to the Prez's picture.

Thanks for sharing,


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-26c here right now but I am packing to go to the dominican as I type this.

Same here, packing for a westbound trip to Asia! Two more sleeps. -5c. Going to be nice to relax with a cigar outside next to water instead of in the garage.

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northern albetra...i can afford to visit the one from cuba can afford to visit me.


no cockroaches

no fleas

no snakes

no rats

(almost)no crime...lost my house keys 20 years problems yet.

nice pic


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I flew home last night from the warm beaches of Aruba to -30c here in Winnipeg. Lets just say that will make your willy disappear pronto! innocent.gif

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