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  1. Mus, so very sorry to hear of your loss. Sheri and I are saying a prayer, wishing the best for you and your family.
  2. I've given a fair number of speeches in front of groups, many times to people with a pretty good knowledge on the subject, though nothing on the scale of your audience. One thing I realized early on and have seen in a fair number of others, is not the fear of speaking, but the fear of being in front of and watched by large numbers. One thing I found that does help, when appropriate, is not to stand in front of the audience. Stand to the side, behind or even among them. Focus their attention on the briefing media...the big screen in your case. Perhaps a 4-5 minute trailer with pictures of your favorite moments while filming, shots that didn't make the film, or examples the film itself will expound upon. IMHO people tend to be far more visual creatures and appreciate pictures more than words, give them what they want. When the film is complete and your audience is on their feet. Take a humble bow and enjoy the applause. Cheers
  3. Zombie Gunship Survival and recently Plague Inc.. Sort of a strategy game how to wipe out the planet with various plagues, germs, virus spread through different vectors before the world finds a cure. Makes for some great conversations and odd looks during those long flights.
  4. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and best wishes for an exciting, successful and personally rewarding 2017 for everyone. Cheers Paul
  5. Jauwels, Welcome to FOH, the best cigar forum in the universe!
  6. Jauwels, Welcome to FOH, the best cigar forum in the universe!
  7. Jauwels, Welcome to FOH, the best cigar forum in the universe!
  8. Let me introduce you to my turbo charged FOH Iroda lighter. Not just for lighting cigars!
  9. Happy birthday mate and best wishes for another excellent year ahead. Cheers Paul
  10. Imagine if we never tried a marca based on a friends review. Many may have never begun smoking cigars. Imagine if nobody tasted a wine based of a friends suggestion. What a way to miss out on some of the nicer things in life. Imagine never giving a marca a second, third or fourth chance over the years because you "know" you won't enjoy it.....after all quality in Habanos hasn't gone back and forth over the years (roll eyes). I know many guys that didn't like Juan Lopez or Bolivar and I've changed several opinions after an offer of a better quality JL or Boli...say PSP instead of PE.
  11. Actually it does. Unless you simply don't consider flavor or body in "quality" of a cigar.
  12. Happy New Years to all. 2015 was a memorable year filled with great adventures, personal accomplishments, and new mates. I hope 2016 brings more of the same for us all. Cheers Paul
  13. Would love to see Arizona win it. Hoping to watch them crush Seattle next week though I never count the Seahawks out of it. They've got a difficult road ahead if they can't get Rawl's or Lynch back in the game.

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