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  1. Just because the band was put on crooked doesn't mean they are fake. Good grief. I'm pretty sure most of us who have been to island have seen far worse from a legit cigar. This is Cuba after all. The only way to say for sure if they are fake is to smoke the damn thing.
  2. Very sad news. Enirique was a great guy and will be missed. RIP.
  3. A few years back, before they sold the ashtrays at the hotel I paid off a security guard and out the back door we went! This ashtray weighs 30lbs and travelled home with me in my carry on. Air Canada doesn't weigh bags in Havana. At least not at the time.
  4. x2 on the Thermapen. Fast and accurate.
  5. Next time we get together remind me to bring some for you to try Andrew. I'm smoking through 08's at the moment.
  6. Tarks

    Partagas El Libro

    Have you ever been to Cuba? Customer service is not their forte!
  7. I don't think the OR Noella's had a box code stamp. Not on any of the jars I have seen anyways. I would be curious to hear/see what other people have experienced.
  8. These chasers weren't as lucky. RIP. http://www.cnn.com/2013/06/02/us/midwest-weather/index.html
  9. Growlers are not really meant for long term storage so I wouldn't get too hung up on spending lots of money on one. I have plenty of 2 litre glass growlers that I use for my home brew. I keg all my beer so growlers really come in handy when I want to bring some of my beer to a party. You say you hate beer in a can but don't judge a beer because its in a can. There are plenty of great craft beers out there that are in cans. Surly comes to mind. Cheers
  10. I don't smoke much for current stock but I did sample a cigar from a box of '10 Boli PC and it was plugged. I tossed it and grabbed another and it had a perfect draw.
  11. Pretty cool stuff. Anyone who is on Twitter, Chris Hadfield (@Cmdr_Hadfied) is a great follow. The pictures and videos he tweets are outstanding.
  12. Off topic, but this reminds me of a story a few years back. I was sitting in Partagas VIP lounge enjoying cigars with friends when this guy walks into the humidor with Abel. He was looking for Upmann half coronas. We watched him as he opened up approx 8 boxes, took a few cigars from each box and tested the draw from the foot of the cigar by placing it in his mouth. All of us were like, wtf??? After 15 or 20 mins he left without buying a single box. Abel was shaking his head. I can't believe the nerve of some people. On top of that, Abel put the boxes back on the shelf! From that day on, I never buy a box that has been previously opened. At least not at Partagas.

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