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I thought I'd come on here and let everyone know that my wife and I will be having our first child, a boy, this Thursday. His name is going to be Tyler Patrick Casella. Emotions are running wild. For the last 9 months I have been Mr. Triple "C" but as of the last few days that has all started to change. For example, right now at 12:20am PST I'm up thinking about everything with a giant smile on my face. I'm not sure what my last day without a child is going to consist of. I still need to get the car washed and oil changed and the car seat installed but I also think a final trip to the cigar shop is in store. What to smoke? Not to sure but perhaps a Cohiba Siglo VI or perhaps an Esplendido.

Anyways, not that anyone cares but I'll prolly be off the forum for a while but will post some pics when I get some time. Take care and wish me luck. Any advice is welcomed.


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Congratulations on the big upcoming day! Get ready for the greatest adventure of your life. You can't imagine how rewarding it is going to be.

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Congrats as well. My wife and I are expecting our first as well on September 10. It's kind of an odd experience knowing that in a few short weeks your life is going to change very drastically. I'm sure most of it will be for the better but I'm sure some if it isn't exactly going to be smooth like a glass of single malt and a robusto.

Anyway hope all goes well with the delivery and recovery.


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Congratulations to both of you!!

My wife and I just had our first child four months ago and I can't believe how fast time is going. They grow up so quickly!

As the Prez said, your life becomes better. Enjoy every moment! It's such an incredible feeling when they look into your eyes for the first time....hard to'll find out soon enough..

As for my smoke, it was an incredible Siglo VI from a box from 2003. Sadly, it was the last one.

My suggestion for your last day before the birth of your son - treat yourself to a nice nap...a nice looooooong nap

Again, congratulations!

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Congrats Patrick! Best of luck with the transition and if your pressed for time to help with your clients, shoot me a few jobs and I'll see what I can do to help out.

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Congrats and the best of luck! ;)

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