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  1. Having sold cars & trucks on EBay before, there is also a "Reserve" that must be met in order for the "Sale" to be completed. I do not see the "Reserve" mentioned anywhere, thus, I would have to say that the vehicle is "Sold".
  2. I would love to manage Casa FOH, better known as the USA East coast LCDH. I believe that once the embargo is lifted, that before long the need of the cigar smoker in the USA will be fulfilled by the most informed, educated and experienced Cuban Cigar smokers. I would love working with/for Rob.
  3. BBC's? Sorry, this morning, my mind might be working on all 8 cylinders, so what is a BBC?
  4. Oh My Bob, me thinks you need another session or three to understand the level you have shrunk too.
  5. The Hair dryer works well, but as others have said, Take the cigars out of the box first. I have used "Goo Gone" to remove the stocky stuff, yet that was on Cabinet. I have found that if you use "Baby Power" on the remaining sticky residue that almost 100% of the glue is gone. I would think that these stickers are applied once they arrive. If the Boxes are strictly for Export, then the retailer should be able to decline applying the Stickers. They are ugly as hell, but bottom line is protect the cigars.
  6. Nice way to say nothing except Cuban cigars are enjoyed worldwide.
  7. My first cigar was a Montecristo No.2 and the "Lights" were turned on!
  8. Remember, Do NOT buy any Cuban Cigars in Mexico unless you buy them at an LCDH.
  9. Enjoy your travels Smithy, looks like a rustic and fun place if you want to get "away" from the real world.
  10. When you are down there in Miami, if you do find some choice spots to enjoy a cigar at, Please make an entry on to www.smokeasys.com , that way others that are looking can find spots through your experience and recommendations.
  11. If I was going to ask a Custom roller to roll a special cigar for me, I would pick a "Pipe". I have seen them before and wish I could have an opportunity to smoke one (or a dozen or two). I would love to sample some 42 to 38 rg that are not filled with Seco, but with some Ligero and even a touch of Medio Tiempo. I believe that because of the ratio of leaf to the ring gauge, that the cigar would be extremely flavorful and full bodied.
  12. Just a couple of words, Beautiful! I have never seen Rob with a jacket on, that would be a singular experience itself. Make sure that Ken doesn't get near it with a match.
  13. Thats Great News Wilkey, Congratulations on landing the dream job! Best of luck with selling the old house and getting settled in the new home front.
  14. Dalia, I believe would be a winner. I would suggest a Petit Corona size as well as a Corona Gorda size. I would NOT be interested in anything over a 50rg.
  15. Thanks for the reply Rob. Interesting that you bring up items like the dryers. That was a hot topic when many were wondering if the tobacco was being "cooked", the use or lack thereof of the draw machines, etc. I am pleased that the letter campaign worked as well as it did. If the Habanos Independent Retailers Association takes off and provides HSA with valuable information about what is actually happening at the retail level, it will provide HSA with true numbers of what is selling where the product meets the consumer level and not a squed representation of what a Distributor buys to fill his warehouse for hopeful future sales. Filling the distribution channals never provides accurate sales figures; so thus far, the only "Sales numbers" that HSA has been using to make decisions on what is selling or not have been artificial numbers representing what the distributors around the world have ordered to fill their warehouses, not what has actually been selling at the retail level. It is about time that HSA has had their eyes opened to what is really happening with their true customers.
  16. Thats what we need, a President that is open about loving to smoke Cuban cigars. I'd vote for him!
  17. I am sure you will be pleased with Bob's work, I have owned my Aristocrat THC Plus 48 for several years now and it keeps my cigars in perfect condition.
  18. Congratulations Victor, your lady friend will enjoy the Oris watch. Make sure to score some very Major browny points!!!
  19. That is still an improvement from Ken's normal attire.
  20. Long pants, maybe a skirt or for the Scotchish a Kilt. No more shorts, PLEASE!!!
  21. Like many here, I do not have any specific daily smoke. I find that I choose a cigar that meets the time I have to enjoy it. It bothers me to no end to not be able to finish a cigar that I have started because it is never as good as it was before I let it go out. I find that I can find 30-40 minutes during the day almost any day, so a Minutos or Perla fits the time allotment well. While I love a Robusto or a Corona even a Corona Gorda from time to time, as I said, I choose a cigar for the time I have. For a creamy smooth mocha flavor, a Montecristo No.5 is perfect. I like to switch up with a Diplomaticos No.5 for when I am looking for a paprika spice bomb. Others that I smoke on a regular basis are Partagás Short, Bolivar Corona Junior, Ramón Allones Small Club Corona, SCDH El Principe, Cohiba Siglo 1, Trinidad Reyes. Then you could work your way up to the Petit Coronas................
  22. Well mine is sort of simple. Back in the late 90's when I was going through a divorce and was setting up a new computer, I wanted a nic name that told others where I was from and how old I was. I lived in the Tampa Bay area and was born in Dec 1957, thus Tampa1257. It has stuck ever since.
  23. This is a Strong Warning to all on this thread, argue the subject and DO NOT make this PERSONAL. It is becoming very close to having this thread be locked up, understand?
  24. Congratulations, I hope the move goes smoothly for your entire family and that you get settled quickly.

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