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4 hours ago, Lamboinee said:

40 year old US citizen who has been smoking cigars for about 20 years. Recently embarked on a mission to explore the Habanos universe.  I can honestly say that, generally speaking, habanos are significantly more enjoyable than non habanos.  So....I guess I get to spend a ton of money as I dive head-first into collecting, aging, and smoking habanos.  I love my wife, my friends, my family, and my two dogs, Lucy and Sir Arthur Digby Charles Chicken Ceaser (aka Charlie).  Hopefully, my wife won't divorce me when she finds out how much money I'm spending on cc's. Yikes.

I'm with @Islandboy, you will fit in here nicely but prepare to get questioned by your wife in regard to cigar acquisitions. It's inevitable and we've all been there!

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@Lamboinee. Welcome to the weirdest, craziest, but absolutely best meeting place on the planet! You’ll develop a great love/hate mindset, as many of us have. Love CC’s, hate that you don’t have enough money to buy everyday on 24:24, love the members, hate that Partagas Lusitanias and H. Upmann Sir Winston have eluded me my entire life!

As for the wife’s view of our hobby, mine is a “don’t ask, don’t tell” relationship 😉 As long as I don’t quibble over the cost of her wants and needs, all is good on my home front.

Welcome to the Party!

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@Puros Y Vino, I agree, that’s a proper introduction. :clap:

@Lamboinee, not only will you fit right in with this group - you already do; you will learn so much from fellow BOTL and SOTL on this site. This is a generous community who willing share their experiences and knowledge and make room for every opinion.   

I live in Shanghai, and during the 2+ months of home lockdown this past Spring, FOH kept me sane. I woke up each morning looking forward to firing up my iPhone to page thru The Water Hole to catch up with everything from cigar musings to the esoteric interests of our members. The Tue thru Fri ‘daily hunt’ on 24:24 replaced my ‘morning paper, coffee and Reyes’ as my new ritual with breakfast…. much to the consternation of my better half. What a sweet addiction this is. 

So welcome aboard brother!

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