Siglo VI "Misprinted" Box - Is this a thing?

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It's possible.  Never seen that before. The sticks in the photo don't look great IMO.  I can't get Habanos Verification to work, so that's doesn't clarify anything.  Gotta love how Habanos can't fix this simple app over the years.  🙄

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You all expect far too much from the flunkies that run this operation. Would you give a s**t if you were paid so meager that you couldn't afford a box of these cigars even if you saved up all your money for your entire life?

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Serial number is correct and in synch with other serial numbers from the same batch for this cigar. Box code is correct for this box. All three boxes have the same box code. 

Straight QC issue. 










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11 hours ago, Jack said:

My Prince of Wales box is pluralized, so I expect anything is possible.



@Jack, that’s because there are 25 “Princes” inside! 👍

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