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  1. See the thing is that I have and I'd never make a statement like "I know" about anything I've been involved in. Not saying that you don't have the experience you claim. It's just that I've met many guys who, when it comes down to it the person was a friend or uncle. I'm sure you've met the same guys.
  2. Yeah, we hear that a lot. Many claim to "know", but little is ever revealed. Do tell of your first-hand knowledge. We're all friends here!
  3. Interesting to note that this item was made by "La Nacional, SA", in my opinion the premier maker of humidors/cabinets in Cuba. It is also interesting in that it is unique in my experience.
  4. Actively soliciting the assassination of a country's leader is frowned upon by, well - the World. Best to foment dissent and let it play out (Libya.) Also Castro was a wary bloke.
  5. I got up early, grilled a tri-tip (a California cut of beef) on the BGE, diced potatoes, bell peppers, etc. Made a breakfast scramble for those who claim a DNA match. Coffee, toast, berries, etc. While I am the family cook, it was a bit ironic that there is no quarter given on any day of the year. Yes, I was able to sneak a Cohiba Secreto from the mid-2000's for my "gift". Christ, can't wait for grandchildren.
  6. While I am not one to dive quickly into the gutter. All I have for this is: Coño
  7. That darkness of roast is reminiscent of some I've had in Los Angeles - that tried to imitate some Pacific North West brands. It seems much darker than even Sothern Italian roasts. Having roasted (as an amateur) a few pounds of Cuban beans, I'm not convinced that taking them that dark is helpful to the flavor profile. I don't necessarily dislike the bitterness that comes with that roasting level, but it doesn't suit all bean types and hopefull the turquino will be more of a medium roast. In my short experience that much oil being brought to the surface, and that dark of a bean tends to muddy the inherent flavor. I swear you could throw me a 50/50 blend of Mexican robusto and Columbian arabica at that roast level and I couldn't tell it from good Cuban beans.
  8. Do see Sharknado. No, seriously. The high "camp" value is not to be missed.
  9. On ebay the description would be: "Original 13th century funerary urn. Once held the ashes of a Danish king. Original inscriptions are in an ancient, lost, tongue. Guaranteed authentic."
  10. If you really want to go crazy there are consumer level propane based devices. These were originally developed for the U.S. military (if I remember correctly) to help clear remote areas of large mosquito populations. I believe they require an electrical connection (and propane tank.) The pricing kept me away. They basically simulate a person exhaling and then vacuum in the bugs as they fly close. For all biting insects. One brand: https://www.mosquitomagnet.com/ The next one is something new I'm interested in trying and they are available inexpensively on amazon. I read a short article that interviewed the inventor (he has something like 50 years of mosquito research under his belt) and it sounded like he may have come up with something cheap and easy. https://www.inzecto.com/inzecto-mosquito-trap-usa
  11. As long as there is no reserve there may be a sale price that makes it worthwhile for gifting to the uninitiated.
  12. First Buffett concert was at the Universal Amphitheatre (Los Angeles, California) in 1978. The "Cheeseburger in Paradise" tour. Imagine my surprise, as a young teenager, that the real party was in the parking lot. I remember the gals, but nothing about the show!
  13. My Spanish is a bit rusty, but that appears to establish the ability for regulations regarding the export of anything other then "factory" cigars. Possibly an attempt to kill all custom rolls also. EDIT: Further reading leads me to believe that this is all bark and no bite - unless you are trying to remove large quantities of non-authorized product. Lots of exceptions and beyond that requirements for easily obtainable paperwork. As long as you are under 50 customs upon exit you can find a way. Over that an you'll have to come up with Festival packaging or some form of bakshish.
  14. I swear these wear all over the place 20+ ago and I don't know anyone who actually succumbed. I think they all ended up on ebay for the price of Subway combo.

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