Cohiba Files - post your smoking notes

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  • RDB changed the title to Cohiba Files - post your smoking notes

Great idea, I'm all for innovation. If this takes off it may even expand to include a Trinidad Files thread and a 'X Files' thread for cigars that Habanos S.A say exist but no-one can seem to find currently!

By the way, great review @RDB!

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Darker end of the spectrum has never disappointed me.  Had some near-maduro CoRos and they were among the best I ever had.  

Posting up Cohibas these days is just showin' off!  

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7 minutes ago, Thirdcoastwatch said:

I’m with @Heels82 .   If we give Cohiba a separate section, HSA wins.    Viva FOH’ers Daily Smoke!!!

I’m inclined to agree. There’s nothing truly special about Cohiba except the price, and the daily smoke thread isn’t really used for reviews (whether people show off there is immaterial to me - I don’t read the thread anymore unless I’m tagged.) 

I’m always interested in a review of Cohiba or anything else when someone takes the time to write one and post a thread. 

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