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Have a read of David's article. 


"Fratello Vice Versa is a short-run cigar intended to let the smoker choose the power of the first puff. If you pick one up, you’ll think there’s something wrong—the cigar has caps on both ends. That’s intentional. You have to cut off both caps, putting one in your mouth and lighting the other. Which end you light determines the initial flavor." 


A Cigar With Two Personalities

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9 minutes ago, Fuzz said:

Cut both ends and light the middle for Lady and the Tramp style to share with a friend.

Like tantric sex - you breathe out while i breathe in - or something like that , good for sharing respiratory diseases too! (they're trending at mo I hear)

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28 minutes ago, anacostiakat said:

Gimmicks. . .  :wacko:

I appreciate the creativity.  Every now and then, a blind hog finds some corn.  Culebras are tasty little gimmicks worth having around at the right moment for the brew crew.    

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and let's face it ... with that ad , have to concede

On 7/22/2022 at 11:03 AM, Fuzz said:

It's an evolution of this ad.

even i would be tempted to buy this tipalet filtered trash. if it had the ad on the packet. 

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